Your Best Lead Magnet Is Your Reputation

Woman ThinkingI had a great boss at my first job out of college.

One lesson I learned, out of many, was that new technology and strategy are great. But you have to be patience with jumping fully into what is new.

I’m a golf fan and I often think about Tiger Woods when it comes to technology. Tiger is notoriously slow to use new equipment. But he’s often testing new equipment. And when he is convinced that something is better he makes the change. But only after it’s met his high standards.

I think that’s a good way to approach marketing.

One of the popular items in the online marketing world right now is the lead magnet. A lead magnet is an offer to a person in return for some kind of information that will turn them into a lead.

Lead Magnet Overview

Typically, a lead magnet offered some type of hidden or special content in return for the person’s email address. The business making the offer would then market to the person using that email address.

It’s certainly a worthwhile exchange if both parties benefit. The person gets content. The business markets to them. The person either buys or opts out. Simple.

But I’ve never been a big fan of trying to trap people into giving up something. It might work in the short-term, but in the long-term it seems to be detrimental.

I think it’s good to offer people the option to signup for an email newsletter or to hear your offers. But why work to trap them versus earning that opt-in? Why not just give them your great content for free without requiring anything in return?

It also makes me think of the homepage…

Homepage Redux

The role of a business website is to be your online salesperson. And it all usually starts at the homepage. When someone is interested in what you’re selling they land on your homepage.

From a Google search, from a referral link, from a saved link, from typing in your domain, etc.

The goal is to get people to your homepage so they can learn what you’re selling and move through the sales process until they buy from you.

But what gets people to your homepage?

Reputation: The Ultimate Lead Magnet

Your reputation is what will make or break your business.

With the lead magnet craze, people are looking for ways to get around their lack of reputation. And I understand it. When you’re just starting out it’s difficult to get leads. Trapping people can win some short-term sales, but in the long run it risks damaging your reputation.

Reputation takes a long time to build. Think about the companies you buy from in life and in business. Chances are they have been around for many years. Even the startups you buy from have probably been around for a few years. It just seems like they’re brand new.

If you’re focusing on building lead magnets, take a step back and think about your long-term reputation and what you can do to build up brand recognition and positive reputation.

  • Good products
  • Good service
  • Good community relations
  • And so much more…

It takes time, but those that do it win in the long-term. They earn the brand recognition to get people coming to their homepage from all kinds of different places.

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