You’ll Never Be Ready to Start a Blog

Here’s the thing about business blogging – you’ll never be ready.

Most things in life come with struggle. It’s hard to think of things that we’re just naturally good at. We can probably think back on our lives and remember being good at something. I can think of two reasons why we might think something comes easy.

First, as a kid you might think you were naturally good at something such as sports. Phrases like, “That kid’s a natural” are common in society. But really when you break things down those kids have an advantage over adults. Those kids are able to practice and fail without having the fear of failing. We don’t realize it as adults, but when we were kids we probably practiced and did things over and over until we became “a natural”.

Second, you might be good at your job or something in life right now and think it always just came naturally. I would venture to guess that you have simply been doing it for so long that you don’t even realize the struggle that went into it early on. You’ve been doing it so well for so long that you forgot the work that went into it in the early days.

Those are my guesses. I’m not sure if they’re true or not.

When I was 15 I was not very good at golf. Actually, I’m not really that great now. I hover around a ten handicap and I’m happy with that, but back when I was 15 years old there was nothing I wanted more than to make the golf team.

It was the summer after my freshman year in high school. I had played on the junior varsity golf team the previous spring, but I wanted to be on the varsity team the following year. I knew the only way to make that happen was to work hard.

My entire summer was spent chipping balls in the yard. I would go to the course and play and play and play. I can’t count how many bad shots I hit, but over time I built my confidence and made the team the following year and stayed there for three years.

It was really tough.

Looking back on things I ¬†have to say that starting a blog was very similar. You can sit around and wait for that one moment when you know you’re ready to get started or you can just get started. I think with many things in life we wait for our moment to make our move.

There is no moment. Nothing is going to come along and let you know that you should get started.

If you’ve done your homework and you have a gut feeling that you need to start a blog for your business then the time is right now.

Get ready for the hard work and get ready for failure along the way.

The blogging landscape is littered with blogs that were given up on after just a few posts. People give up too easy.

It would have been easy to give up on golf when I was shanking balls into the woods.

It’s easy to give up on a blog when nobody reads your posts.

But over time you gain confidence and you gain readers and it all becomes worth it.

No more waiting. You’ll never be ready.

Start right now.

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