Why Written Content Is Important For Businesses

Reading A BookYou’ve probably seen and heard about the rise of audio and video. And I’m right on board with these trends. I listen to podcasts all the time. I watch YouTube videos on all kinds of things. But don’t think that the rise of video and audio cuts into the amount of reading that occurs online.

There are so many opportunities in the business world that it’s difficult to focus on them all. There are basically three types or three mediums for content. Video, audio and the written word. All three have been around for a long time. Written word has been around the longest. Reading remains a major way that people consume information. Radio and TV may have cut into book reading, but book reading remains extremely popular and grows every year as the population grows.

Before you cut out writing content for your business here are a few things to consider.

Why People Read

1. To Learn

We read as a way to learn things. Businesses can provide various types of education in the form of blog posts, social media posts, guides, etc. People are searching for this content online. The businesses that put in the effort to create it are able to win the attention of these people and often earn their business as well.

2. To Connect

Reading is a solitary endeavor. But the reason it is appealing to many is that it allows them a form of connection with others. When you read a story you connect with the characters. You can understand how they are experiencing life and find ways that it connects with your life. Businesses can share stories as well. With blog posts, social media posts, case studies and more.

3. For Inspiration & Motivation

Words hold power over us. We look to them for inspiration and motivation. We look for stories that show us how others have struggled and overcome. We look for guidance on what others have learned about life and use that to motivate us to improve upon something. We can get this from those we see in every day life. But reading helps us to discover all kinds of different things going on in the world. Not just today, but for the entire history of the written word.

4. For Emotion

Humans are emotional creatures. Reading blog posts, articles, books and more helps us to experience all of the emotions. We laugh. We cry. We get a little angry. We get happy and smile. We become curious. There are all kinds of emotions and we feel them all while reading all different types of content.

5. To Imagine

Watching video is very straightforward. Listening to a podcast is similar, but heading in the direction of imagining. Reading forces us to really imagine things. Or maybe that isn’t the best way to put it. Reading allows us to use our imaginations to play out the movie in our minds. Imagination is something that is really wonderful about being human. And reading only brings out the best in our imaginations.

Writing Sells (final thought)

For all these reasons and more, writing sells. That’s ultimately what business are looking to do. We want to attract people to our brand so they know we exist. Then we want to engage them and get them to buy what we’re selling. And we want that to be a positive experience for all involved. The written word can do all of these things. But there has to be a commitment to it. Certain consider using video and audio as part of your marketing efforts. But don’t do it at the expense of writing. Because writing sells and it will continue to sell well into the future.

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