Why I Say Yes To Almost Every Opportunity To Talk To People

How often do you talk to new people?

I would definitely classify myself as an introvert.

My energy seems to come from down time or alone time. I like spending time with people, but after a night out with friends or with a crowd of people I feel drained.

It’s always been that way with phone calls too. Some people seem to love talking on the phone, but I’ve always been the opposite. I’ve always been one to look to be quick on the phone.

But as the years have gone by I’ve realized the value in having more conversations with people.

Running Ghost Blog Writers has been incredible for my life. One of the unique things that’s come out of it that I hadn’t expected was the opportunity to just have conversations with people.

Talking With People

I have never been a person to reach out to just have a conversation with people. I wish I was. I know that many life experts suggest offering to buy someone, a mentor-type person, coffee just to  have a chat.

Luckily, some people have reached out to me just to have a chat. I’m not talking about the mentor-type situation. I don’t think anyone looks at me as a mentor yet. But some people have reached out just to have a conversation.

The conversations have been about business, blogging, marketing and all kinds of things. I guess some people have read my various blogs over the years and if they have a common interest or are curious about something they’d like to know more.

There was actually a pretty cool situation a couple years ago. I write country song reviews on a personal blog, Country Music Life. It’s just a simple blog, but a country songwriter reached out just wanting to chat on the phone.

Now, I’m sitting there thinking, “Why would this guy want to talk to me?” He’s written some of my favorite songs over the years and he stumbled on my blog. He wanted to chat about country music, his influences, my influences, blogging, marketing, etc. It was great.

Business Conversations

I’ve also had other people that are in various kinds of businesses reach out just to ask questions or to offer advice. They might be in the blogging business, SEO business, marketing business or whatever.

It’s kind of cool to have those conversations. It’s a way to meet new people. It’s a way to learn new things. There are many benefits.

And when I’m talking about these conversations I’m not really talking approaching things like I’m talking to a potential client. I think it’s easy to think that way when you’re running a business. You’re always thinking about making money, getting more clients and so on. It’s always about getting something, money, out of the experience.

But some of my most rewarding conversations have not been about money. They’ve just been about discussing whatever with people. These conversations may not lead to money right away or even down the road, but they still provide great value.

Value You Can’t Count

Money is great, but a lot of the valuable things in life are things you can’t count. I’ve tried to learn that lesson over the years. I think I’m getting the hang of it.

When I started blogging I did it out of curiosity. I found that I liked it so I did it every day. A few people, family and friends, asked why I would blog if I wasn’t getting paid.

It wasn’t about money for me. It was about learning something new and gaining experience. I really had no plan for it. But it turned out to be one of the greatest things to happen to me. I met a lot of great people in the blogging world and it turned into my full-time business.

That’s how I approach conversations with people now. I try not to think about money. There is so much more to life than getting money from relationships or conversations.

Advice can improve your life. Listening to stories can get your mind thinking in new ways. Having someone listen to you can be reassuring. Making new friendships can be fulfilling.

And there is also the unknown. You never know what will happen with someone you meet and speak with. Sure, most often nothing will come of it, but one situation could completely change your life for the better.

Final Takeaway

The big takeaway here is to be open to talking with people. If someone reaches out to you…accept it. What’s a few minutes of your time? Have a phone conversation. Maybe they’re asking for an interview that takes place via email. Do it. Make the connection and just let it flow and see what happens. Even if nothing happens that’s perfectly fine. You’ve made a new connection.

You could even do much more than me. You could be the one that reaches out to others. I’m still working on that. It seems like the next logical step in finding opportunities to talk to more people.

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