Urban Influence: A Clever Web Design Company Blog

For the past five years or so I’ve been involved with web design.

In some ways it’s been a little indirect (my girlfriend is a web designer). In other ways it’s been more direct. I’ve worked with designers on weekly retail emails. By that I mean they did all the work and I just gave feedback and approval. I had the easy job. I’ve also been involved in various website redesign projects.

It turns out I like web design. I think it’s a critical part of success for any online business.

I’ve also learned a couple things about designers.

1) Designers are nuts

2) Designers are important

3) Designers can blog

These are all true. I would say absolutely true based on my experience, but maybe there is someone out there bucking the trend.

Anyway, I’ll get back on point.

Designers are nuts. They’re creative people. They’re typically emotional people. I think it’s part of the makeup of being creative. You have to see things differently than everybody else. It’s a good thing, but it can drive you crazy if you’re not prepared for it. Not you are.

Designers are important. I’ve tried to learn as much as I can about designer. It’s been important for my previous job to get people to like an email or a website or an ad and eventually purchase something. It’s been important for GBW. I’ve gone through a few designs trying to find something that will convert better than the last. I’m not the only one that feels design is king.

Designers are really smart. They get people. They know how to make things look appealing and in business that’s crucial. Designers that can code (really anybody that can code) is a huge asset today. I’ve learned so much working with designers and they’re absolutely necessary if you’re doing business online.

Finally, designers can blog.

Don’t believe me?

Here’s an example.

Urban Influence: A Great Web Design Company Blog

Web Design Company Blog
The Urban Influence Blog is great. So much personality.

First off, Urban Influence does great work. They’re very well known in the design industry and the web design industry. I’m not really sure why those two worlds are separated, but it’s surprising to me how many designers are in one or the other and not both.

Anyway, back to the web design company blog discussion.

There are some great blogs about web design out there. Surprisingly, though, there aren’t that many great web design company blogs. The two are different.

One hunch I have – in fact I’ve seen it first hand – is designers like talking about design. It’s what they’ve chose as a profession. They love talking about design with other designers. As a result you’ll find design blogs that speak to designers.

While I think that’s okay on occasion a business blog needs to be directed at customers. The entire goal of the blog, after all, is to get more customers and grow the business. Yes, you might be able to do that by writing for designers, but it’s better to go after you ideal customers.

Urban Influence has a great blog. I feel they write with their customers in mind. I think they do it naturally. I’m not sure if it’s on purpose, but for the most part their customers (and potential customers) likely find the content interesting.

Urban Influence is great about selling themselves without being direct about it. They put lots of interesting images on their blog. The Christmas tree one is funny. It’s creative. It shows off their personality and their work.

Any company out there looking for a designer will want to get a handle on the type of work the designer does. This type of work accomplishes the task of impressing a potential client. It can be your work in your portfolio, but a blog gives you a different platform. It can allow you to show off your personality.

And don’t think the point is you have to be funny. You don’t. You just have to be yourself. You stand for something different than Urban Influence. That’s why some people will hire them and others will hire you.

Now you just have to give them reason to with your own web design company blog.

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