The Top 10 Posts on GBW in 2012

Mountain Peak
The posts that reached the peak in 2012. Photo: Jeff Pang

It’s always good to look back on the year and analyze what happened.

For bloggers, it’s good to look back on the top posts of the year. I use Google Analytics and look at posts that were the top posts in 2012. You can choose to look at the results a few different ways.

You’ll likely have some posts that carryover from other years. This is good, but if you want a true look at 2012 you’ll need to ignore those (ex: 10 Successful Retail Blogs). I also took out any other regular pages on the site like the homepage and the services page. Those are always high traffic pages.

Here are the top posts from 2012:

1. How Red Bull Turned Into a Worldwide Media Company (Feb 2012)

2. Coca-Cola Bets The Future on Content (Jan 2012)

3. Retailer Nordstrom Increases Online Investment (Feb 2012)

4. Analyzing the KISSmetrics Blogging Strategy (March 2012)

5. Creating a Community of Football Readers (Jan 2012)

6. Say Thank You With Your Business Blog (Feb 2012)

7. How to Use Anger to Create Great Blog Posts (Jan 2012)

8. Mens Fashion Blogging Success (Feb 2012)

9. The Story of TED: Publishing Company (March 2012)

10. Marketers to Increase the Use of Blogs in 2012 (Feb 2012)

There are a few things to remember. The posts from earlier in the year have an advantage over posts published later in the year. It’s also interesting to see that posts about specific brands did really well. That’s something I’d like to focus more on heading into 2013. People seem to like reading case study-type posts so I’m going to provide those.

The NFL post is interesting. That one really shouldn’t be on here because it got a ton of traffic from Google Images search “old football”. That’s not really relevant traffic, which is something I recently wrote about (A New Way to Optimize Blog Post Images). That was a learning experience.

What were your top posts of 2012?

Share them in the comments.

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