Online Marketing

The Marketing Ladders Approach to Blogging

Marketing ladders is a concept of offering different levels of products and services to customers. These products typically have different pricing options with varying levels of appeal to different customers. Here is how you can use that approach with your business blog…

What Modern Marketers Expect From The Marketing Executive

As a marketing executive, you’re always looking for the best talent. With much of today’s marketing taking place online it’s essential to have top online marketers. Here is what those people are looking for in a marketing executive.

Items to Check Off The List of This Year’s Marketing Audit

Companies regularly perform marketing audits. It could be every couple years, annually or even more often during the year. Here is what I’ve gone through at GBW to knock off the checklist for this year’s marketing audit.

Why Is Marketing Important?

Why is marketing important? It’s a basic question, but it can’t be ignored. Let’s dig into the details.

How Smart Companies Take on Buzz Marketing

Buzz marketing is kind of a buzz word in the marketing world. You see tons of brands trying to generate buzz. Here’s what the best companies do to get buzz that leads to increase profit.

Essential Marketing Skills of the Modern Marketer

Over the last couple weeks we’ve looked at some of the skills of the modern marketing and sales team. Here is a list of some of the essential marketing skills of the modern marketer; anyone on your team involved with marketing.

How to Use Business Blogging for Your Next Marketing Campaign

When we need to grow our business we look at our marketing efforts. We find ways to reach our target customers and we implement marketing campaigns. If you’re looking at things for the long term then business blogging could be your next marketing campaign.

How to Setup Marketing Objectives in an Online World

Setting marketing objectives is a long time practice. Businesses have been doing it for some time and it’s still done today because it works. Here is how you can setup marketing objectives in today’s online world.