10 Challenges Today’s Entrepreneurs Face (And What You Can Do to Overcome Them)

The road of an entrepreneur is filled with challenges and obstacles that others don’t necessarily face. And it’s lonely sometimes, especially when you feel like you’re burning both ends. Others don’t understand your stresses, and it’s even harder to sift through the nuggets of advice to find clarity and insight. But you don’t have to isolate yourself in a silo, all by yourself. As an entrepreneur, you are a rare breed of professional. However, you’re not alone in your day-to-day struggles. There are other business builders out there who, like you, faced incredible challenges. And in today’s marketplace, the rules have changed even more for those who strike out on their own ventures. If you need peace of mind, keep

Mindset Matters: 7 Tips for Shifting to a More Successful Life Perspective

How’s your mindset lately? Are you stressed? Do you catch yourself reciting negative self-talk? Are you feeling overly critical of others? Or worse, has someone called your attention to your recent negativity?  It’s entirely normal to fall into these traps, in both your business life and your personal life sometimes. What’s not normal, however, is staying in those toxic mindsets for any length of time. THAT’S when the negativity can take over and start shifting other aspects of your life and relationships. The good news is that positive mindsets work the same way. And all you really need to do is recognize the negative when you experience it and take steps to shift your mindset back to a more positive

Why Today’s Sales Strategies Rely on Relationship-Building Skills

Let’s cut to the chase. What you really want, as a company leader or business owner, is more sales. You want to land more clients and boost your company revenue. And you’re looking for any real-life insights to improve your sales methods and bottom-line results. But you’re not interested in fluffy, do this-not that kind of general advice. There are companies out there, blasting through sales and conversions like the Hoover Dam burst on their revenue projections. You want to know what THEY’RE doing. It’s no secret that today’s most successful sales teams rely heavily on their abilities to build relationships with their prospects and clients. Naturally, it makes sense for today’s business leaders to focus on improving their relationship-building

How to Ensure You’re on a Growth Path & Not Stagnating

Anyone with a personal growth plan is sure to hit certain plateaus from time to time. That’s normal. But stagnation is far more pernicious, settling in and making home in our lives when we’re not even aware of it. We can go months and even years thinking we’re doing all the right things on our growth path, only to discover we’re getting nowhere. So, what can you do to ensure you’re on a growth path? Here are several actions to explore. Take Calculated Risks Some say go out and make all the mistakes – it will lead to more growth. Others say avoid failure when and where you can. Both perspectives are valuable. But there is a meaningful balance in

The Core Differences Between Leaders & Bosses: Which Are You?

Whether you’re a mid-level manager for an organization or the CEO, your leadership style will set the tone for those who follow you. And leadership is like a power that can be used for good or wielded for the dark side. Is your lightsaber red or green? Star Wars analogies aside, how you lead your teams will impact your company’s growth and success, like it or not. Every action you take will either be supportive or detrimental to your teams and their productivity. And that’s an awful lot of weight to carry for any professional. So, as you explore better tools and methods for leadership and hone your skills, be mindful of two distinct differentiators. Are you a leader? Or

Growth & Scaling: How Today’s Company Leaders are Succeeding at Both

So, here we are. It’s officially 2023. What are your big ideas for your business this year? Are you launching a brand-new (or new to you) product or service? Do you have plans to innovate something entirely new? Is your company growing into new markets or regions? And more importantly, do you know what you need to effectively stay relevant to your customers and your market? If you’ve spent the last couple of years trying to survive, dodge, and weave, then 2023 is your year to thrive, boost, and grow. Part of your team and company conversations will likely include growth strategies as well as scaling strategies. The two are different and require unique lenses. And considering how challenging today’s

4 Organizational Tips to Achieve Goals and Have a Great Year

Here’s what you really need right now, another “get your life together” list of tips. Insert sarcastic eye roll here. No really. Let’s get honest about New Year’s resolutions and setting new goals. There’s a lot to unpack when you think about what makes a goal different from objectives or visions. And seriously, do people really achieve their goals, and what are they doing that separates them from the millions of goals that go unattained? What makes a goal worth aiming for in your career and personal life? How can you realistically take action in a way that authentically produces results? The answer isn’t about what goals you set or how big you dream, for that matter. Those are about

Outbound Sales: 6 Crazy Stories from the Field

(And what you can learn from them) When you’ve spent a decade, or in my case two decades, in a sales role, you have quite the arsenal of stories and memories. There were some pretty incredible sales victories over the years. And plenty of failures dot my timeline, too. More importantly, sales has allowed me to cross paths with some fantastic people, many of whom taught me lessons in life. Since we’re preparing for the holidays and now’s the time you’re likely reflecting on your sales metrics for 2022, I thought it might make sense to share some memorable stories from the field. These are just some of the most career-impacting lessons I’ve learned in the field, cold-calling and presenting

How to Ensure Your Creative Team is Fairly Rewarded

A writer is a writer. A graphic designer is a graphic designer. And a social media manager is a social media manager. This type of thinking is prevalent among managers, executives, and decision makers. So, they tend to view their human capital as replaceable. But is it? More than ever, there’s a need to ensure your creative team is rewarded fairly. Why You Should Reward Your Creative Team More Fairly There are three key factors to consider: Replacing employees is costly. Onboarding and training costs are substantial. A new hire must become familiar with all your processes and structures, and this can take weeks if not months unless you have a state-of-the-art training system (most companies have minimal structures if

Why You Must Know What Your Team is Motivated by

All too often, employees are treated as cogs in the machine. Some want to be cogs and nothing more. Others gradually acquiesce. And then there are those whose spirit is never broken. Leaders sometimes see it as their job to break all spirits and get their team to conform to their expectations. But there are simply too many opportunities, in the gig and creator economies or otherwise, to treat your best talent this way. Here’s why you must know what your team is motivated by. People Are Differently Motivated It may seem obvious, but the fundamental realization begins here. People are differently motivated. Some leaders take the stance that a writer is a writer, an accountant is an accountant, an

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