How Book Authors Can Benefit From A Personal Blog

Book authors often go through great challenges to have their works published. Even as the actual publishing process as become more efficient, it’s still a challenge to complete a great book. So why would an author want to work on a personal blog?

When To Give Up On A Business Blog

I’m a fan of giving things a fair shot. Getting enough data to see how a test is working. Here is how much time to give to a business blog before deciding on a next step.

How To Test Your Idea For A New Business

Most business owners and managers have ideas. Great ideas. But there really aren’t any guarantees. That’s why having a process for testing ideas is so important…

How To Unite A Remote Content Team

Remote work is growing in popularity. It has benefits for both organizations and employees. Knowing how to unite teams is one of the manager’s top roles.

How To Inspire Motivation As A Leader In Business

One of the core requirements of a leader is to inspire those around them to be better. To motivate them to improve. That’s not easy. There seems to be no clear cut course of action. But these tips seem to be fairly universal.