How To Evaluate Your Website To Make Improvements

Now is a great time to prepare some website changes for the upcoming New Year. It’s good to audit your website every few months anyway. A website is never done. Here are some tips for auditing your website…

The Future Of Small Business Websites

Wondering what is going to happen to small business websites? Here is some insight into the future. It should help you plan so you’re one of the successful small businesses with an online presence.

5 Important Concepts For Startups

If you’re a startup business then you’re going to have some challenges in the next few months and years. Here are some important concepts you’ll need to understand to be successful.

How To Create An About Page For Your Business Website

Are you struggling with the content for your website’s About page? You’re not the only one. Business owners struggle with it all the time. Here is a step-by-step process for creating a great About page.

6 Big Website Mistakes Brands Still Make

These are some of my biggest pet peeves when I visit a website. I know the GBW website probably has a few mistakes, but we still try to avoid these things. Make simple changes based on these things and you won’t make visitors as angry.

10 Great Business Blog Designs

These are 10 of the best business blog designs. Also included are lessons you can use to build your business blog design.

Ghost Blog Writers Launches New Website

Over the years you learn more and more about online marketing and sales. It seems the more I learn about sales in general the more I learn about online sales. The new GBW website design takes a lot of cues from face-to-face selling.