Another Recommendation to Create Content on a Constant Basis

Frequency is something we’ve talked about a few times before here on GBW. Just today I heard another person in the content marketing world suggesting the importance of creating consistent and constant content that builds your audience of followers and purchasers. Let’s examine the idea a bit further.

6 Habits of Truly Successful Bloggers is always a great place to find inspiration. Their articles are interesting and I think what I enjoy most is they are often written by entreprenuers. Today we take inspiration from a recent article and twist it to make sense from a blogging perspective.

Sticking to a Blogging Schedule

Does keeping a blog schedule help bloggers succeed? Some seem to think consistency is even more important than talent. When others fall by the wayside after a bit of failure others will proceed with no promise of success and continue posting. Is this how they are winning at the blogging game? Let’s take a look and discuss…