Content Strategy

5 Content Strategies Ecommerce Sites Can Steal From Successful Blogs

Ecommerce sites have a reputation for very thin, unattractive content. There was a trend a few years ago that saw ecommerce sites adding bullet points to product pages. That’s not bad necessarily, but it led to some bad content. Here are some content tips for ecommerce sites.

Social Media Strategy Starts With a Content Strategy

Each day you can browse the web and find numerous articles about successful social media marketing. Companies are using the vast number of social media sites to get people interested in their brands. These companies are always looking for the next way to take advantage of social media. Yet there is one component of social that is often missing from discussion and it might be the most important aspect of the entire strategy…

Google Wants Fresh Content

Google has been giving hints of wanting fresh content for years. Fresh content, created on an ongoing basis, is something Google has placed emphasis on in the past, but recently they made a major change to their results and now time of post has become a major factor in search results. Is your company prepared for this change?

US Ad Agencies Finding New Clients with Blogs

Ad agencies in the US are trying all the latest social media and internet marketing tricks to find leads for new clients. The real success of finding new customers, though, comes from the tried and true method of blogging. Still, these agencies aren’t giving blogging a serous thought? My opinion is that blogging is tough, but the most rewarding way for a business to acquire new customers. Check it out…

Country Music Artist Content Strategy Proposal

For the last year or so I’ve been writing my thoughts and feelings about the happenings in country music. During that time I’ve seen really good things happening from artists and their teams. However, there is a huge, huge opportunity for these artists to really take advantage of a content strategy. With that need out there I thought I’d share my proposal with everyone…