Business Management

How To Handle Emotions

As a leader, it’s important to have control over your emotions. There is a trickle down effect from you to the people that look to you for leadership. If you let your emotions get the better of you then your entire company can suffer. Here are my thoughts on dealing with challenging situations.

How To Improve Your Business During The December Lull

I don’t know about your business, but for GBW things can take a little bit of a downturn in the late months of the year. Companies are busy closing things out and making plans for new budgets in the New Year. Here is how I use that little lull to plan for the New Year as well.

How To Get A Motivational Boost For Your Business

Sometimes you’ll get bogged down in your business. Things can get mundane sometimes and you’ll feel a little down on the company. Here are some ways to get your motivation back.

How To Build A Better Business Team

Is your team struggling to get along? Are results not where they should be? Here are some steps to building a better business team.

7 Business Lessons I’ve Learned From Autobiographies

I’m a huge fan of autobiographies. Specifically I like to read autobiographies of musicians. I’ve read Keith Richards, Duff McKagan, Kenny Rogers and even Michael Bolton. There is something compelling I find about their creative side and business side. Here are some things I’ve learned from these memoirs…

10 Steps to Effective Website Copywriting

Website copywriting is something most people seem to overlook. Yet getting your copy right (sorry…) is vitally important for selling your services and products. Without effective copy you’re just confusing visitors and they’ll go somewhere else to find the things they need.

Bottlenecks in the Blogging Process

All businesses run on systems. Here is how the business blogging system or process works at GBW and where we run into bottlenecks. Hopefully this will help you setup your own blogging system that’s smooth and efficient.

3 Reasons Why People Won’t Blog (And How to Get Them To)

One of the most difficult things for a business today is getting people to blog. You know business blogging is a great way to grow your traffic and sales, but now you need writers. Here is why your employees won’t blog and what you can do about it.

Is Blogging a Business Level Strategy?

A business level strategy is how a company maintains success at the business level. There are many strategies that affect the business on smaller levels, but a business level strategy is something that takes place at the overall business level. The question for GBW is if blogging is a business level strategy.