Blogging Cost

Business Bloggers Give Up…Why?

The number one issue with business blogging failure is giving up before your blog even has a chance. In the business world executives and leaders are used to fairly quick returns on their marketing investments. When you pay for a PPC ad you can tell right away if it’s successful. You can gauge response. With blogging things tend to take a little longer to develop…

High Frequency Pays Off for Bloggers

I’ve written about the benefits of posting frequently for your blog. The annual State of the Blogosphere Report from Technorati confirms – the top blogs on the Web post more than the rest of the blogs and it’s not by a small margin. There is a huge difference in the number of posts the top blog publish compared to other blogs. Check out the article for more…

Return on Your Blogging Investment

A difficult thing for businesses is deciding to invest the time, effort, and money into a blog. Creating a strategy for a successful blog is usually the less difficult part. Actually having people able to commit time to research, writing, and experimenting is where costs can increase. It can also be difficult to see the return on the investment and this is where mosts businesses simply stop their blogging ambitions. Now there is a new way of looking at return on a blog.

Hint: How much do you pay for traffic?