Blog Design

Blog Design Case Study: The Top Nav Impact

Have you ever played around with the design elements on your blog? Recently I did some analysis on Country Music Life. I decided the best way to go was to focus on new country songs and albums. As a result of this decision I moved a link to the New Country Songs page on the site from the sidebar to the top nav. The results were very interesting (if not expected)…

Optimizing a Blog Post for Search

How do you optimize a blog post for search? Search engines are the way I get the majority of traffic for the blogs I write for. I’ve been told it’s ignorant to think there is an easy way to attack SEO, but there are a few things I do to format a blog post that seem easy and for the most part seem to work. Check out the post for a graphic of my typical blog post along with a few optimizing tips.

10 Business Blog Design Tips

The design of your business blog is important. Design has become one of the most important elements of web and business. In reality, design has always been a key component to business success. Design takes on the brand perception of your business. The logo, the packaging, the design of your website, and the design of your blog all have a role in the way your business is seen by your customers. Included in this post are 10 tips for successful business blog design…