Blog Analysis

How SpareFoot Attracts Its Audience With A Blog

Today we’re looking at a cool company. When I heard about them I thought it was a simple, but very cool idea. And it seems very needed. We’re going to look at what they’re doing to attract their customers with a blog.

Kira Talent Targets Business Owners And HR Pros With A Business Blog

This is a cool idea. Kira Talent provides a service that allows businesses and candidates to perform video interviews. Now, these don’t seem to be live interviews. The business or HR pro records questions. The candidates record their responses. It’s interesting, but we’ll switch gears and look at Kira Talent’s blog strategy.

Agilence Writes To Retailers With Their Blog

Today we’re looking at a cool technology company that has a software product that helps retailers understand what is going on with their business. This is a big data company. The target customer is a retailer. Let’s look at the blogging strategy.

ManageFlitter Targets Social Media Marketers With A Business Blog

Twitter is one of the biggest social networks. In fact, Twitter will stream NFL games next season. That’s pretty cool. Today we’re looking at a tool that helps Twitter marketers to use the social network better for their marketing efforts.

How Is Using Blogging For Marketing seems to have an incredible platform or software that allows companies to increase sales. Sales teams can use the platform to find the right leads and close the right deals. Let’s look at how is using blogging as part of their marketing strategy.

Spredfast Provides Useful Content To Enterprises With A Blog

Spredfast seems to have a really good set of social media software. They have a platform that helps enterprises carry out successful strategies to attract and interact with target audiences. Let’s see how Spredfast is using a blog to help bring their own target customers to their website.

CITYTECH Looks To Earn Trust Of Enterprises With A Business Blog

This week in the Blog Analysis series we’re looking at CITYTECH. They work with enterprises to create web solutions, mobile solutions, cloud solutions and more. It looks like they have a diverse skillset and they’ve had a blog for many years.