The Songwriter’s Secret to Writing Great Blog Posts

Here is an interesting inspiration for a blog post. I’ve written about country music before here on the blog. Heck, maybe you’ve even read my blog at Country Music Life where I share my take on the newest country music out there.

Today I was reading – Thomas Rhett, Dad Rhett Akins Share Common Musical Bond – and there was a great nugget about creating content.

“But my dad’s biggest advice to me was ‘you’ve got to write a hundred good songs to write one great one.'”

That’s Thomas Rhett discussing his Dad’s advice about writing great country songs and finding success on the country charts. I find that writing a song is much like writing or creating any kind of content.

There are many different methods for creating a song. I’m sure some songwriters would disagree with Rhett about what it takes to create a great song, but his perspective is that you need to write a ton of songs to find one that is truly great.

I feel the same way about blogging.

Write a Lot of Blog Posts to Write a Great One

I’ve always been a fan of writing at a high frequency.

Here are some posts:

There is certainly an argument to be made for blogging more. We have another writer, a songwriter, that feels it’s necessary to put your head down and write while working on getting better with each post.

I think that’s one of the key takeaways from the quote above. It’s not about sitting down and writing the same song or the same post over and over. It’s about writing and putting your content out there for the people to consume. Pay attention to the reactions you receive and focus on the content that does the best. Then rinse and repeat with the successful strategies and keep working on trying new formulas.

Rhett Akins has been one of the most successful songwriters in Nashville in the last 3-5 years. It seems like had more than one song on the charts at all times over that span. He’s obviously been writing songs for much longer than that. He’s probably written songs for the last 20+ years. Not every one of those songs has been a smash hit. He has had about 20 or so hits on the charts, though, but he’s one of most well known songwriters now and probably one of the highest paid as well.

After a lifetime of working hard at his writing he’s turned his passion into steady income and even a certain stardom. Now that his son is finding success on the charts maybe it will get Dad back out there on the charts himself.

Bloggers can learn a lot from songwriters. I try to pay attention to folks that are creating all kinds of content. There is much inspiration out there if you just pay attention.

Put your head down and keep writing. It might take 10, 50, or even 100 posts before you get that one great post.

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