If you need to sell the idea of a company blog to your boss you are probably in a position, after doing all the work mentioned above, to convince them that a company blog is a good idea for your business.

Each of the steps in the blogging strategy will allow you to personally decide if suggesting a blog is a good idea. You should know if a blog is the correct marketing move for your company.

In some cases a blog won’t be the top priority for a company. It’s alright to do some research and determine that a blog is not viable for your company. It’s better to have the research to back up the decision and step away before investing more time and money into a blog.

If having a company blog does make sense then the research you have performed should be exactly what you need to show your boss.

You can basically setup a summary of all the above items and present your boss with them all giving him or her no choice but to give you the go ahead.

Executive Summary

  • Why a Blog
  • Company Background
  • Customer Research
  • Competitor Research
  • Blogging Strategy
  • Reporting
  • Implementation and Setup

Your boss will ask you for all of these items. You’ll have it all prepared. You can show the boss the executive summary, but come prepared with the detailed work so you can reference when they have more questions about any of the steps in the process.

Your boss will have questions. They will be skeptical. It’s their job. You have to understand that their job is to increase profit for the company for the long-term. Bosses have the responsibility to optimize customer relationships and build long-term profit to ensure the success of the company.

This is always the guiding principle for any boss. It’s a big responsibility and you have to think the same when presenting anything including a blogging strategy.

Be prepared and ready to answer questions with focus on profit. If you aren’t comfortable then go back and find more information. It’s alright to present the idea of blogging with some skepticism of profit. Your boss might want to give effort for blogging as a controlled experiment. Bosses understand that it’s difficult to project profit in all cases.

Just as with new blog formats, there is room for experimentation in marketing activities. Just be sure to present all the information and research you have and your boss will appreciate the work.

Be ready. Be confident.

It’s time to start your new company blog.