You Might Already Be Writing Great Business Blog Content

Small business life is tough.

There are so many things to do. The owner and every employee has to possess multiple skills. It’s also necessary to work weird hours to get work done. Vacations seem to disappear as you lose track of Labor Day and the Fourth of July weekends.

It’s a busy life.

When things get so busy it’s easy for certain initiatives to get passed aside for the more pressing issues that are necessary to work on right now. That’s the usual case with business blogging.

When it comes to business blogging there is a lot of want and maybe even a little need among business owners. What is lacking, though, is the time to blog. It’s actually one of the top things if not the top reason most people give as their excuse for not keeping up with a business blog – Time.

Yesterday I was playing in a local business scramble golf event. It was hot outside, but the golf was fun and I got to meet some people in the area. A few were asking about blogging and how their businesses might be able to get into business blogging. Everybody has time for marketing that brings in new clients, but nobody really has time for blogging or so it seems.

During one conversation it came to point that one business was already creating content that would work well for their business blog.

The business is a CPA firm that focuses on small businesses in the area. The person explained to me that their goal is to empower their clients to handle much of the basic accounting on their own while relying on the firm for the more technical or involved accounting practices.

Does this sound familiar?

It should because there are many businesses out there that want this ideal scenario for their business. You want to do the heavy lifting while allowing your clients the ability to do some things on their own.

The person went on to explain that they create a monthly print newsletter for their clients. They send it out to each client with articles about how to do basic accounting tasks like monthly reporting and budgeting.

Does this sound familiar?

It’s blogging in the old school way. There is really no difference between a newsletter like this and the blogging many small businesses want to do today. In fact, there is something you can do to keep your website fresh while not putting any additional work on your plate.

Take those print or e-newsletters and reuse the content on your blog. There is nothing wrong with it. Turn that newsletter into a blog. You’re getting content on the site and really you’re blogging, which is what you’ve been wanting to do. You’re hitting your clients that prefer print and you’re hitting the clients that prefer the web.

Other content that can be reused:

  • Newsletters
  • Instructional Videos
  • Emails
  • FAQs
  • Face-to-Face Conversations

Many businesses are already creating blog content and they don’t even know it. Think about all the interaction you have with your customer and turn those experiences into blog posts. It’s not really extra work especially if you’re already creating something like a newsletter.

You might already be blogging and you don’t even realize it. Just reuse the content and create your business blog.

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