How Red Bull Turned Into a Worldwide Media Company

Red BullOver the last few years, Red Bull has become a media company.

The energy drink has become not only one of the most popular drinks in the world, they have successfully ingrained their brand with extreme sports and media. The company even has their own media arm responsible for delivering the best content and news to the brand’s biggest fans.

Recently, Fast Company did an interview with the CEO of Red Bull, Dietrich Mateschitz. The interview gave a little insight into how Red Bull focuses on media as a way to increase overall profits for the company.

From Red Bull CEO Dietrich Mateschitz On Brand As Media Company:

Our goal is to establish a global media network, which covers all individual segments, such as print, TV, mobile, music, and new media. It will be the responsibility of the Red Bull Media House to produce and distribute all the content Red Bull is able to provide.

There are a few things to learn from the approach Red Bull is using to profit. There is more in the article so be sure to read the full interview for more insight.

Red Bull Content and Media Strategy

Red Bull is truly representing the process some modern companies are taking. The idea of becoming a media company is something more brands are embracing. These brands are becoming the source of content for their core audiences.

In the case of Red Bull, the company has taken on the task of delivering content to a group of extreme sports fanatics. The company writes blog posts, creates videos and also creates printed material.

Holistic Content Approach

Everything Red Bull creates is content. They take a holistic approach to their content strategy. The message from the company is consistent. Here is another snippet from the CEO in the same interview linked above:

What Red Bull stands for is that it “gives you wings…,” which means that it provides skills, abilities, power etc. to achieve whatever you want to. It is an invitation as well as a request to be active, performance-oriented, alert, and to take challenges. When you work or study, do your very best. When you do sports, go for your limits. When you have fun or just relax, be aware of it and appreciate it.

The entire media arm of Red Bull uses this message in the content they create. This is important because the central message is what speaks to the core audience. Blog posts will showcase how the Red Bull sponsored athletes are doing in their respective sports. The articles highlight how these individuals are doing well and the idea is to associate the success with the Red Bull brand.

All videos – online and on television – are created around this theme of having wings. Every article, every image – it’s all about how the drink is associated with giving people the ability to do great things. The product is just an energy drink, but with the holistic approach to content and brand message the drink becomes a huge brand associated with doing extraordinary things.

Consistent Message

It was mentioned earlier, but it’s worth repeating. Consistency is important when your brand becomes a media company. You want the message of every piece of content to speak to the message of your brand.

For Red Bull, the message is that you can do extraordinary things. The brand has partnered with extreme athletes. They have created their own events. They are partnered with brands. Every piece of content is about doing something great.

Your blogging or content strategy needs to be consistent. If you’re a local organic farm and you’re looking to bring in new business via a blog and video strategy you’ll want to have a consistent message about organic farming. Every video and every blog post you write should have the message of organic farming. You want to focus on the values and benefits of the process and how people can really live a better life with organic foods.

What You Can Do

Any company today can become a media company. In fact, many companies will be forced to become media companies. The next steps you can take right now to become your own media company is to determine your brand message and work it into every piece of content you can. Use this message as the guiding point for your videos, content, and photography.

Every company might have to become a media company in the future.

Take Red Bull as one of the examples of a brand becoming a media company.

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