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Here is a great story from The New York Times.

A recent article showcased how a few New York area real estate agents are using blogs to promote their properties. Not only are the blogs working to promote property and answer potential buyer questions, these blogs are also serving as great tools to promote entire areas of New York.

These real estate agents have found the value of a blog for their business. They are taking the basic approach of providing value for their potential clients and even working in good word of mouth for other businesses.

These bloggers are paying it forward to the areas they serve and it should come back in their favor for years to come.

Real Estate Blogging Success

From Building Blogs Sell Neighborhood Sell Neighborhoods to Sell Apartments:

When Lori Ordover was hired to market a condominium building at 20 Pine Street in the financial district, she immediately set up a blog about the neighborhood.

Sure, she’s eager to point out the Armani/Casa interiors, the 60-foot-long limestone pool and the Turkish steam bath at 20 Pine (20 Pine blog). But in her opinion the mammoth nearby 24-hour Duane Reade that sells sushi and salon haircuts is a selling point, too.

This is just great. These agents have become bloggers and they are really connecting with their target audience.

The real estate agents in the article were focused on the questions their clients have. If you’ve been on the buying end of a real estate transaction you know there are numerous questions that go into making a decision.

The agents in this article realized the potential a blog would have for providing help to their clients. The agents are now able to take the common questions they receive when showing properties and turn them into helpful blog posts.

I also think it’s great how these agents are writing about the local attractions near the properties they are representing. If buyers are looking for an area near restaurants or schools, the agents can write blog posts about how certain areas can fill these needs for buyers. The agents could blog about how a school is performing when it comes to student development. Another post might cover the excellent shopping and food located within walking distance of a building.

As these agents write about their local businesses they should find themselves in good standing with the local business owners. There are always real estate transaction happening and these business owners will remember those that wrote about them when it’s time to look for a building upgrade or even a residential place.

The ideal blogging situation is to find ways to benefit many people. I think the real estate agents in this article were able to really provide value to multiple people with their blog posts. They are able to answer questions for their clients, which is most important. The agents are also able to benefit the businesses in the area by writing about their establishments.

Finally, the agents are benefitting their own companies as they are providing valuable online content and becoming a true digital trust agent.

Great stories from the New York Times highlighting blogging success in the real estate industry.

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