Pet Industry Content Marketing Ideas

Three Dogs
Photo by Anoir Chafik on Unsplash

The pet industry continues to steadily grow and grow. People have seemingly always loved their pets. And that love continues to grow and grow. People are spending more money than ever on their pets. They’re also consuming a lot of pet content.

That growth in content consumption is a general trend of life right now. People are consuming more of all types of content it seems. The phone has really become part of our lives and we’re always looking for new things to entertain and educate us. It’s a mix of text, video and audio. Everybody has their favorites, but we just about all consume most of those in industries that are our faves.

Here are a few of the content marketing areas where some in the pet industry are doing really well.

Daily Pet Photos & Videos

You don’t have to overthink pet content. People love seeing cute pets doing funny things or just sitting there being awesome. If you’re a brand in the pet industry a first step would be to share daily pet photos and/or videos. It could be of your own pet. It could be pets of those you know. Maybe you have a store and you can share photos from the folks that bring in their pets each day. Get their permission first. The owners, that is, unless the pets can talk and provide their own permission.

The platforms for social media may change as time goes on. But photos and videos are here to stay. Showing amazing pets seems to be something that people will want to consume for a long, long time.

Q&A Podcast

Podcasts have become very popular in the last five years. They have been around for longer than that. And radio has obviously been around for a very long time. But podcasting has really taken off and seems to be likely to continue into the future.

Not sure what type of pet podcast to start?

Again, keep it simple. Look for questions people are asking as it relates to the pet industry. Ask your customers. Ask followers on social media. Write down the questions and provide the answers on a podcast. If you’re not sure about an answer, then seek out pet experts and have them as your guests on the podcast and present them with the listener questions.

DIY Videos

How to build a dog bed. How to build a cat tower. How to build a perch for your bird. There are thousands of DIY questions and projects that people are curious about. Video platforms like YouTube and Facebook are starting to become filled with great little DIY videos for all kinds of things. It’s a huge opportunity for those in the pet industry.

Training is likely a very popular topic in the pet industry. You could do an entire video series of how to train certain pets.

Celebrity Guest Pet Stories Podcast

Celebrities have lots of followers. And many celebrities also have pets. I’ve listened to a few podcasts with actors or musicians and many often bring their pets with them to the interviews. Or they talk about their pets. Why not bring celebrities on to simply discuss their pets?

They are probably sick of talking about their films or shows or music. Not entirely, but most would probably love to share stories about the pets they love. And people would likely love to hear them. Especially those that are fellow pet lovers.


Content marketing is really in an excited place. There are really endless opportunities. But don’t overwhelm yourself with all you could do. It’s usually best to start with one thing and see how it goes. Don’t jump around from platform to platform or strategy to strategy. Keep it simple in the beginning and learn as you go.

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