Blogging Offers Business the Chance to Personalize for Consumers

A study featured over on eMarketer brought up some interesting points about advertising.

It appears, in Canada at least, that consumers want personalized ads. This is great insight for companies looking to make their ads personalized for the target customer.

Is it practical?

Potentially it can be practical, but it’s certainly challenging. It still pays for businesses to create content for many people. You can segment as much as you want, but in the end you still need to find a profitable mix. If we could personalize for each person that would be great, but it’s not always possible.

But personalization is what consumers want. Advertising is one way of going about getting attention from consumers, but is there a better way to spend your time?

Blogging Is More Personal than Advertisements

Actually I think blogging and advertisements have more in common than people think.

When an advertising agency or a company creates an ad that is personalized they really dig deep into the mind of the consumer. They might hold focus groups. They might do one on one interviews with actual customers. They try to get to know what issues the customers is having and how that relates back to the product.

This is exactly how blogging works.

Good business blog posts address the common problems of the target customer. When you started your business you saw a problem that existed. You solved that problem with your product or service.

When writing a blog post it’s important to consider the issues your target customer is having as it relates to your business and what you offer. You can give your knowledge in the blog post to offer advice to make life easier for the reader. This builds trust for you. You’re giving instead of taking right from the beginning. The person can read the post and perform some basic tasks on their own. It gives them a sense of accomplishment, but they also appreciate the help you have provided.

And for the most part people want to reciprocate that kindness. They might do this by telling others about your company or even purchasing your more advanced products and services.

A plumber might write blog posts about basic plumbing. A person could read a blog post about how to unclog the drain or how to install a sink in their kitchen. These are pretty basic although I wouldn’t want to try to install a sink, but for some this might be a task they want to take on. People want to know how to do things.

But say the person now wants a more substantial project done in their home or say they were having issues trying it on their own. They now have a trusting relationship with the plumber that has already provided them with knowledge. They trust the plumber’s methods. They feel like they know the plumber even because blogging gives off a personality. The person feels like the plumber was speaking right to them with a personalized post.

The same can work in different industries. A pest control company can do the same thing. A Web design can do the same thing. Even the blog you’re reading now is about how you can write blog posts that will be successful for your company.

Nearly all of the clients at Ghost Blog Writers had thoughts of writing blogs on their own. Some still do write blog posts on their own. The way we make money is by having clients that want help writing their blogs. The level of our involvement varies just as the level of involvement of a plumber varies with their business.

Look to reach your customers on a personal level with a business blog. It’s similar to advertising, but better in a way. You’re reaching the customers that are seeking certain information and that feels personal to them. It builds trust and takes people from the discovery phase of the sales cycle to the purchasing decision.

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