What 300 Blog Posts Means


You’re reading the 300th blog post here on GBW. The concept for this company is something that I wasn’t really expecting, but the demand seemed to be there and now that things are going it’s easy to see that it would have been simple to quit at any time along the way.

I was watching a clip on NFL.com the other day and realized that it fit well with the idea of creating 300 blogs posts here on GBW.

In the video, which I’ll add at the end of the post, you see five Super Bowl winning quarterbacks. Each has a tie to the San Francisco area, but beyond that you realize that each of these men had to persevere. Throughout their entire careers these guys – the best in the game – had to fight people that were telling them to quit and tell them they weren’t good enough.

Montana makes a great joke when he mentions some big names and then a name nobody recognizes. He smiles and says nobody remembers the made up name because that guy didn’t persevere. It’s a great moment, but it’s really a genius comment.

It’s hard to imagine that it takes hard work and a real drive to be the greatest at something. As a fan of the NFL it’s easy to sit back and think these guys are just born with greatness. That’s probably not true unless you define greatness as the will to never give up even when everyone and every piece of evidence says you should.

What does this have to do with GBW?

This is the 300th post here on the GBW blog. That is a feat extremely uncommon in the blogging world. Most blogs die short deaths because the business owners or the website owners give up.

I’m not saying that blogging is equivalent to winning the Super Bowl, but I think you understand what I’m talking about. Not every blog reaches 300 posts because it’s hard work. People give up when things are going there way. People do this even when they see other bloggers doing so well.

You might read about the overnight success blogging stories, but I’m here to tell you that even those stories have bloggers that have experience. They have honed their skills and put in the time working to build to a tipping point. There is no overnight success. It happens because some people outwork and out persevere.

That’s it.

If you want your business to get to 300 blog posts it’s going to take a real commitment. There will be frustrations along the way. There will be times when you want to give up and just try something different. It happens to every blogger.

But if you want to get to 300 you’ll need to persevere.

NFL Films Presents: Perseverance Pays Off

Watch – NFL Films Presents: Perseverance Pays Off

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