Mutual Mobile Attracts Large Brands With Its Business Blog

Mutual Mobile Blog Analysis
You can even attract large brands with a business blog.

Mutual Mobile hasn’t been around for a long time (established in 2009), but they’ve quickly become one of the leading providers of mobile solutions. Their expertise is in design, user experience and mobile software development. They work with some of the biggest brands in the world to develop tech solutions and specifically mobile solutions like apps.

I especially like what they did with a new Disney app for the iPhone and Apple Watch. But they’ve also done all kinds of other great work. It’s impressive how many different companies they have worked with and how they can development unique solutions for each.

You can learn more about their business on their website, but we’re going to look at how they attract potential clients and specifically large brands, like Disney, with blogging efforts.

1. A Blogging Strategy To Attract Large Brands

First, I wanted to touch on the idea of attracting large brands with a business blog. Obviously a business can grow quickly by attracting large brands as clients. Many fast-growing startups get their fast growth by attracting large businesses that can afford to spend on services and products.

It can be a challenge to go after large brands. You figure that you may not have a chance to land those big clients, but the reality is that the people working at big brands are just people like you and everyone else. If you have something great to offer them they will always listen. And in most cases the people at big brands are looking for hidden gems that can help them help their business. It’s how those people get promotions, bonuses and more.

So just as a salesperson does well by knowing who the person is at a big brand that they approach, it starts by knowing who you need to attract to your business blog from a large brand.

In the case of Mutual Mobile, the target reader is likely someone in the marketing department. It might be the VP of Marketing, CMO or someone in a similar role. Or it might be someone like an Internet or Mobile Manager.

Once you know who you’re targeting you can develop blog posts that will attract that reader. And Mutual Mobile seems to have a good handle on that strategy.

2. Collection Of Resources

Mutual Mobile has created a collection of resources. Within this you’ll see what is essentially their blog. It’s under the category of “posts” and that works well in this instance.

We’ve talked about how to organize a business blog and categories can play an important role. If you’re going to do more than blogging then creating a resource collection like Mutual Mobile is a good way to go. Many businesses create blog posts, videos, slide decks, videos, infographics and more. You can put all those under the banner of Resources and sort by appropriate category. And within those categories of types of content you can create categories for topics.

We’ll focus on the Posts section for the rest of the analysis, but I like how Mutual Mobile has separated their content efforts. I think the News section is good to break out from the rest and so are Reports and Videos.

3. Looking Into The Future

Mutual Mobile’s target reader, marketing execs at big brands, are usually interested in new technology. But they can get the basic info about new technology from any online news source.

What is really interesting is looking into the future of what new technology can do. That’s why I really like this post on how the Apple TV could potentially be used in the kitchen. It’s a fun post and there is some guessing involved, but it is totally cool to think how our roles in the kitchen could change with this new technology.

Big brand execs might be thinking about how they could use Apple TV in the kitchen, but the ideas might spark some new ideas of how the execs could use Apple TV for their business. They can get a picture for how people will likely use this technology and they’ll start seeing their own ideas as it relates to them.

And that’s where they get value in posts like this. They search for info on a popular topic (Apple TV), find this post, get value and remember the brand (Mutual Mobile) that provided that value.

4. Who You Are

I’ve talked about this type of blog post before, but each time I see it I smile. This is a post about how Mutual Mobile takes pride in giving back to their community. It’s complete with stories, quotes, photos and video. It’s pretty cool.

The post describes how they wanted to foster a culture in their company and that grew into volunteering and giving back. It’s a really cool glimpse behind the scenes and you get to know who the people behind the company are. And that’s really what target readers or target clients are after. Yes, they want to know if you can help them with a product or service, but beyond that they want to know who you are. From there they can really decide if they want to work with you.

These types of posts and other content like this are especially important when you’re making deals with big brands. They often make big money investments for the long-term and they really need to know who you are and what you stand for before they commit.

So doing posts like this one and others that show who you are can help accomplish that.

5. Back To Basics – Answering Questions

I like to say that blogging strategies are simple. You find a question that your target customer is asking in relation to your industry and you answer it with a blog post.

It’s seems simple, but that’s what works. Think of how great it is when you have a question and you find the answer. You’re often very happy and very appreciative of the source of the answer.

With a blog you have the ability to answer questions your customers are asking.

Here is one post where Mutual Mobile answered a question. The title is a question that someone might be asking – What could knock Fitbit from the wearables throne?

This question could have come from a number of different sources. The writer may have heard a current client ask this question. The writer may have seen this question on a forum. Maybe they saw it in the comment section of another blog post. Maybe there have been a lot of posts about wearables in the tech world and they figured people might be wondering what the next Fitbit is.

Wherever the question came from you can see that Mutual Mobile understands that a good blogging strategy begins with answering the questions your target customers are asking.

Dip In Frequency?

Mutual Mobile was really kicking butt with blog posts in 2015. For many months they were publishing 4-6 posts. This year it seems that the frequency has dipped a bit. Maybe they’re focusing on other content efforts. And they’re still keeping pace with about one post per month.

And it seems that they have multiple authors for their content. But even with multiple authors it can be a challenge to maintain a blogging effort. Hopefully they can commit to the long-term blogging effort they’ve started because they’ve been doing some really great things. There is a lot to take away from Mutual Mobile if you’re looking to start your own blogging strategy.

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