How To Save Time And Get More Traffic From Twitter

More Twitter Traffic
More traffic = More customers

Twitter is a favorite social media site among entrepreneurs.

For the last five or so years, Twitter has given people a few things that entrepreneurs find very valuable:

  • Connections
  • News and Information
  • Traffic

Each of these are very important to having a business that brings in new customers online. You can make connections with all kinds of people including friends, colleagues, business partners, etc.

The traffic, though, is something website owners are particular fond of, but it can be tricky to manage the traffic you get from Twitter. It can take a lot of time to get people interested in the things you’re doing off Twitter so as to increase your traffic.

If you’re looking for Twitter traffic and need to save some time here is one strategy you can use.

Building Your Following

There are different ways to build your following on Twitter. Most of the stories you hear about people getting lots of followers seemingly overnight are the result of those brands or people having audiences in an other channel.

It’s relatively easy for movie stars to build Twitter followings quickly.

But if you’re starting from scratch it will take some more time, but a little extra thought on your tweets can make it happen quicker.

As part of your blogging or content strategy include posts like these:

10 Amazing Examples Of Businesses

10 People Doing Amazing Things

10 Organizations Contributing To Great Causes

Plan to share the post about four times over a couple days. The first time you can simply share the post with the main title. After that you can share the post with a title like this:

  • FreshBooks Is A Must For Businesses (And 9 Other Essential Business Tools)

Focus on businesses that are small to medium size, but that have active Twitter profiles. You’re highlighting the great things they’re doing so they’ll appreciate it. They will also likely retweet the post to their followers giving you some exposure, followers and traffic.

Now, this strategy simply takes a couple extra steps, but it can get you some big results.

You can take your one blog post and instead of tweeting it once you can tweet it four times making it more likely for your followers to see it. You’ll also be tapping into other audiences, which gets more people to see the post growing your chances of getting more traffic.

What Your Followers Share

As you grow your following of target readers and customers you can begin to look at the kind of content they share over and over again. Usually your followers will have a specific type of blog post or piece of content that they like to share.

At this point you can create a few posts that fit this formula. You know your followers like sharing content that fits this formula so they not only like reading it, but they like sharing it, which both lead to more traffic to your website.

This two-step process has worked to generate more traffic from Twitter for GBW. We’re still experimenting with it and other methods, but it’s proving to work well.

And the great thing is it doesn’t take much time because we’re already creating posts. It just requires a slight change in how we tweet and share posts with our followers.


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