Pick Sides to Get More Blog Comments

How many blog comments do you typically receive?

If you’re like most bloggers, not many.

Blog comments are tricky. For new blogs and new businesses, comments can be difficult to come by. It takes effort for someone to visit a new site and feel passionate enough about something to take the time to respond with their own thoughts.

Leaving a comment takes work. That’s why most blogs don’t see many comments.

But if you have ever read blogs you know there are a few that have tons of comments.

Why is that?

How do a few blogs have so many great reader comments?

Pick Sides, Get More Comments

My experience with blogging and reading blogs has led me to believe that picking sides of topic, especially a polarizing topic, will earn the most comments. The writers that receive the most comments seem to have the ability to make their point known to their readers. These writers understand that they are not trying to agree with everybody. If everybody agrees with what you’re saying they have no reason to leave a comment. They will just shake their head in agreement and leave.

The topic can be something that exists or it can be one that you are bringing to the attention of your audience for the first time.

An example of an existing topic that sparks debate is the idea of which truck is better.

There has long been debate about Chevy, Ford and Dodge. Even Nissan and Toyota have joined the discussion. If you are a blogger for an auto parts blog you could spark this debate up by taking a side. You could write a post about how your prefer Fords because they require a less expensive way to replace a fuel pump (I have no idea if this is actually true or not).

This post has a good chance of sparking off a debate in your comments. People from all sides of the argument will support their favorite truck and give reasons why. The good thing for your business is not only the activity, but the discussion could revolve around different auto parts and how they relate to each truck.

You can also start new debates that people probably realize, but haven’t discussed just yet. I did this recently on Country Music Life. I wrote about when things go too far in country music. The topic is about country cliches. It’s not necessarily a new topic, but I hadn’t seen any articles about it before. It was a difficult article to write because I had to call out two of my favorite artists in a way for their song choice. That’s tough. But the article got a couple comments, which is pretty good for an article on CML.

The basic idea for getting more comments on your blog is to pick a side of a topic. Stick with it and really drive home your feelings. Some people will agree with you and others will disagree. Their passion for the topic will drive the discussion in the topics.

You can’t go into a blog looking to please everyone. If your goal is to increase comments you need to pick sides.

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