Marketers Focusing on Mobile for Ads, Content

Mobile ad spending is increasing.

As people move from their desktops to their phones, companies are following suit.

Advertising dollars are moving to mobile. My hunch is that focus on mobile content will shift as well.

A growing number of companies are looking for ways to attract the attention of consumers without traditional advertising. Today, companies are looking at ways to earn the opt-in attention from consumers and one of the ways to do this is by providing useful content.

A common term today for this type of marketing is Inbound Marketing. The goal is to create something (text, video, image, etc.) that will be shared and referred. Once new people discover this content, the goal is to earn their future attention by having them opt-in to something like an email newsletter or even RSS feed.

As mobile becomes more popular with people, though, content will need to change a bit just as ads have changed a bit.

Blogging for Mobile Devices

Because more people will be viewing content on a difference device doesn’t necessarily change blog strategy. People have been reading the written word for centuries. The medium in which they have read has always changed. The most recent change seems to be from a stationary screen such as a desktop computer screen or a laptop screen to a mobile screen on a smartphone or tablet.

You can still write your posts as you would regularly.

The area to focus on with blogging for mobile is formatting. As you format your posts, you will need to consider how people are viewing your posts on mobile devices.

Most phones are good at adapting your posts into a format that is easy for people to read on their phones or tablets. A few clicks will enlarge the text. Some devices even have a reader option that takes text from the page and puts it into an entirely new format separate from your original site design.

While this is almost always best for the user it can take away from some of your business goals such as increasing opt-ins. One example I can think of would be having your email sign up or other subscription options in the sidebar. This area is often eliminated when users are viewing content on their mobile devices. In order to continue capturing those opt-ins it might be necessary to also include the subscription requests within the content at the bottom of each post.

The best way to figure out the user experience of your site on mobile devices is to always test things yourself. You could even ask friends and family to visit your blog on their phones or devices. See how they are able to interact with your site. Watch how they navigate and read. See if they can notice the subscription areas.

If the experience is not in the best interests of your business then look to make changes.

Mobile doesn’t really change the content you are creating. What changes is the formatting necessary to reach your desired outcomes.

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