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Guy's Fashion Blogging Success Stories

Fashion blogging is a woman’s game.

The fashion genre has been full of great blogs represented by women. These bloggers have typically found success writing about the latest trends in footwear, apparel and accessories. There are also new trends in the fashion world and women are always looking for information on how they should look.

But what about men?

Men are looking for fashion tips as well and it’s not all about bright colors and flashy. There is a large group of men that want to look good while also feeling like men.

Recently, the New York Times highlighted the stories of five men that have found success in the men’s fashion world. And these guys have found their success by building some of the most subscribed to men’s fashion blogs.

Men’s Fashion Blogging Success

From Straight Talk: A New Breed of Fashion Bloggers:

In other words, these are macho fashion bloggers, writing for a post-metrosexual world. “It’s translating this sort of very-guy approach to something that’s so traditionally been quasi-effeminate,” Mr. Thoreson added.

Some are old hats who have embraced the digital age to spread their dandy message. But many more are fashion newbies — videographers, publicists and everyday retail hustlers who speak for a new generation of style-conscious men. The fact that they’re blogging about clothes that could have been worn by 19th-century miners means that they can gush about pocket stitching and still feel secure in their manhood. Indeed, much of the current hype over heritage labels can be traced to their corner of the blogosphere.

It’s interesting to read the stories of these five gentlemen. They each found a unique need and addressed their audiences via a blog.

Here is a list of each of the bloggers highlighted:

These guys found success blogging and they did it by offering something valuable to an audience that was without answers.

It seems easy to find markets vacant of knowledge, but here is one example of how it is possible. The men’s fashion world needed sources of information and inspiration for the guy’s guy.

Each of these blogs now has hundreds of thousands of page views each month. They aren’t the biggest blogs in the world, but they don’t have to be to be successful. These guys have each found new opportunity as a result of their newfound audiences. They are making money by building a community around their audience. They are selling to these audiences. They are finding related ways to make money as well.

An interesting aspect of these men is they don’t all come from blogging or even writing backgrounds. A couple come from various backgrounds including one that is a photographer. He uses his photography skills to create interesting blog posts that highlight new fashion trends for his niche audience. He knows that guys are looking for inspiration on how to dress fashionable while still looking like a guy.

Another interesting focus of this article is how each of the guys uses social media to promote themselves or their blogs. I’m sure they also use these channels to find new inspiration for posts or to just stay in contact with their potential readers. It was interesting that not all see Facebook and Twitter as the best of the best for social channels. There are a few like Instagram and others that are common as well. Using social media to promote your business and your blog is a good idea, but it’s important to go where your audience is. Not only this, but you also have to spend time where you feel you can best reach that target audience.

I like how each of these guys found success with their blogs. For the most part they all post frequently (daily or even multiple times each day). They have built an audience of niche readers from scratch and it’s impressive to see them find a niche within a niche.

There is opportunity out there for people to fill needs with blogs.

Is there one for your business?

Most likely.

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