Another Few Months of Leads and New Customers at GBW

It’s been another few months here at Ghost Blog Writers. The last time we checked in the progress of the company and the blog things were going well. You can read those results at The Last Two Months of Sales at Ghost Blog Writers.

I want to keep providing updates of how Ghost Blog Writers is performing. The blog still drives most of the traffic through search and social. Email is also part of the equation. The email newsletter is something I would like to increase as a percentage of traffic and leads in the next year, but right now search and social are the biggest sources of traffic along with some direct traffic likely from word of mouth referrals.

Monthly Leads and New Clients

With B2B it seems to be a fairly common theme that you get new clients and leads in bunches. There was a period of a couple weeks where it was pretty quiet here at GBW. There wasn’t anything in October and then toward the end of the month a handful of new leads came in.

Of those new leads the company was able to sign three new clients in October and November. Another three have since signed on in December already with a few additional leads in the pipeline.

With another few months of effort creating five posts each week the blog continues to bring in new traffic. The existing archive of posts still works to bring in the traffic as well, which is one of the beautiful things about about blog. You create new posts for fresh content, but it’s the archives that really provide the benefit. The old posts are always working for you as well and that’s where you start to pay for your investment.

There is an old saying in the record business that the catalogs of songs and records keep the lights on. That’s kind of how it works in blogging. You have the existing catalog to keep working for you while you add new content to keep the business growing.

Goals for the New Year

I already mentioned that email is one of the goals. There is also an update coming to a few of the pages on the site including the homepage. The goal here is to make it more clear to visitors what exactly GBW provides.

We’re also doing a little reverse conversion rate optimization.

That’s right. I feel you want to filter the traffic you get to your site. To do this at GBW were putting minimum post requirements for all new clients. We want to make sure a client is committed to the long-term blogging strategy before getting involved. It’s best for both parties to go in with the right expectations.

We’ve talked about it before here on the blog. A business blog is something that is a long-term strategy. You can reasonably expect to start getting consistent leads six months into your efforts. For some it will be a year. That would be with 1-5 posts per week being published.

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