New Project: Interview Scope

Do you like to read interviews?

I’m talking about any kind of interview with business leaders, movie stars, musicians, and other interesting people. I’m a big fan of interviews. I always feel there is something to learn from others and when you can dive deep into a great interview I think there is much to gain.

One of my favorite sites of the past few month is Longreads and it’s inspired me in a way.

After reading interviews recently I had the idea to curate them into one location. I saw somewhere that human curation will be important in the future. We all have information in our lives and it can be difficult to manage it all ourselves. Sometimes we just want someone else to tell us what to read.

The idea of an email newsletter is not new. It’s been around for a while. There have been numerous email newsletters where people curate articles they find interesting.

Interview Scope

So I thought I’d throw my hat in the game and the result is the new site: Interview Scope.

If you’re interested in receiving the updates then please subscribe.

The goal for this site is to build a large email list of folks that love reading interviews. I see these people being in the general age group of 35 to 50 with a few outliers of course. Since I’ll be the one curating the content I’m sure the audience will have similar interests to mine. That’s kind of how it works with blogging and projects like this. You find like-minded people since they like the same things as you.

Right now I’m thinking about two new interviews each day will be good to start with. I’m looking forward to reading all the interviews and deciding which ones to include on the site. I want it to be quality. I want the original sources of the information to get all the credit.

Eventually I can see original interviews taking place on Interview Scope. I can also see the eventual use of a community category where audience members can submit their own suggestions for interviews to be included.

There are no SEO goals for this site. I’ll be trying to grow the list using some social media sharing and referrals. I don’t have plans for a Facebook page or Twitter account. I’m trying to promote the email list, which I believe is one of the top priorities for any business, website or blog. An email list is something you can own as opposed to any social media account.

I’ll probably take some time each Sunday afternoon to curate the upcoming week’s interviews. That’s how I like to work with blog posts. I’ll plan ahead and write for the upcoming week. If something important comes up or if I have a really good idea I’ll write it, but for the most part I’m always ahead at least a few days to a week on all the blogs I personal own and work on for GBW.

Do you have any thoughts on Interview Scope?

I’d love to hear any comments or suggestions you have.

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