How Insurance Agents Can Use Content And Partnerships To Earn New Business

Dayne Shuda
Combine content and partnerships to get more clients for your agency.

Getting new business is the best way to grow your insurance agency.

You can get current customers to sign-up for more programs and that’s a great strategy, but you can only go back to the well so many times.

A more sustainable growth strategy is to build a low-cost customer acquisition model that brings new people to your agency and gets them into your sales funnel.

Two ways businesses in a variety of industries do this is through content and through partnerships. In this post, I’m going to give you a strategy for combining both of these strategies so you can create your own steady stream of new clients.

Content Marketing And Partnerships

When your target customers go online they’re looking for content. Sometimes the content they’re looking for is for entertainment. But other times, they’re looking for information that can help them live a better, more secure life.

In the case of insurance, people are looking for ways to protect themselves and their families from the things that could happen. They also might be looking for information relating to insurance because they have to comply with certain laws such as those surrounding auto insurance.

By providing answers to the questions your customers are asking, you can earn their attention and their trust. You can get them to your website where you can move them through your sales cycle.

Content marketing on its own is a great strategy, but to take it to another level you can combine it with partnerships.

Partnerships are great for businesses. Companies form partnerships all the time and at all levels because partnerships with complementary companies provides access to potential new customers.

For example, a local restaurant may host a local radio show for an evening. The radio station needs events like this to provide useful content to their current listeners and they might pick up a few new fans that are already customers of the restaurant. And the restaurant benefits by getting exposure to the radio show’s audience.

Your agency can form partnerships like this in your community. There are a number of complementary businesses that would work including:

  • Car Dealerships
  • Construction Firms
  • Financial Planners
  • And More!

With content, you and a complementary business can create something that will extremely valuable to potential customers. Your businesses can co-promote the content to each other’s current customers and you can both acquire new followers through channels like search and social.

Here’s is the steps for creating partnership content.

Step 1 – Find A Partner Business

Identify a business in your community that is complementary and that shares the same target customer as you.

Step 2 – Propose A Content Idea

Blog posts, ebooks, guides, videos and more are all potential content options. A blog post is a good way to start. Let’s say you offer auto insurance. You could talk to your local car dealership to learn about the latest cars and you could provide information on the latest auto insurance options for those cars. It would make for a great post that people would be interested in.

Step 3 – Publish And Promote

Publish the content and promote it to your audience and have the partner business promote it to theirs. Include it on Twitter and Facebook feeds. Include it in email newsletters. Share it more than once.

From there you can setup an ongoing strategy to create regular posts with partner businesses. It’s a great way to grow awareness for your insurance agency and a great way to build a steady stream of new customers.

Good luck!

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