7 Types Of Twitter Updates From Insurance Companies

Dayne Shuda
Here is your insurance company Twitter strategy.

Twitter can be a great tool for insurance companies to earn the attention and trust of potential customers.

There are a number of different ways that insurance companies can use Twitter to grab attention in a positive way. Some of the biggest insurance companies are doing great things. In this post we’re going to look at some of the ways insurance companies are using Twitter.

The hope is that you’ll be able to use these examples to hone your insurance Twitter strategy. These are the kind of tweets that get engagement, retweets, favorites and clicks through to the website.

It’s all about discovery, interaction and closing the sale with a new client.

Let’s get into it.

1. Share Basic Tips

People love little tips that can make their life more enjoyable. State Farm shares all kinds of great tips on their Twitter feed like this one about touching pressure points for instant relaxation. They add in a visual, which shows people how to do it. The post is quick and easy and you know people are touching a pressure point to see if it works. These type of quick tips provide value and value is why people follow Twitter accounts.

2. Have Fun With Popular Twitter Events

Throwback Thursday is a fun event on Twitter. People share all kinds of old photos and stories. Businesses can share these stories too and have some fun with their potential customers. American Family Insurance did this by sharing a 30-year old photo. It’s kind of a neat glimpse inside the company’s personality and that makes people feel more connected to the company.

3. Ask For Interaction

People generally have an opinion about something. You can ask a question and ask for interaction like Liberty Mutual did with this tweet. This tweet attracts people that are feeling their allergies. They can be part of a group of people that are suffering from the same thing. Then Liberty Mutual takes it to another great level by adding a photo, which makes for a great visual. Tweets with photos always stand out in the feeds.

4. Link To And Quote Studies

People love numbers. That’s why studies do really well on Twitter and in other social media. And the great thing is that insurance companies have access to all kinds of studies. Take that information and share it on Twitter. That’s what Liberty Mutual did with this tweet. They linked to the study. It would be even better to share one of the findings in the tweet and then link to the full study.

5. Snippets From Blog Content

The Hartford did this well with this tweet. The tweet asks relevant questions that will make the potential reader sit back and think, “Hmm, I should check this content out.” That’s how you can use Twitter to get people to your blog and into your sales cycle. Your blog can earn their trust and get them moving into the other areas of your site until they’re comfortable enough to contact you about policy information.

6. Correctly Using Hashtags

This tweet from Nationwide uses the previous point on blog content and mixes it with hashtags, which is a great way to expand the audience of your tweets. However, hashtags aren’t always used correctly. You want to check to see what the popular hashtags are in your industry like I did for marketers and for tech startups. Use Hashtags.org to figure out the hashtags that are most popular for your insurance niche. Then use those for appropriate tweets.

7. Partnership Tweets

Social media is about growing the number of followers you have. The more people that follow you, the better chance you have of getting those people interested in your brand and moving through your sales funnel.

But getting followers is easier said than done.

One way to get more followers is partnership tweets. A partnership tweet is when you work with another brand. You tweet something about them and in return they tweet it to their followers or even tweet something about you. Your get exposure to their followers, which can drastically increase exposure for your brand.

Here’s an example of a partnership tweet from Geico where they mentioned Cabelas.

Hopefully these examples can provide some inspiration for your insurance tweets. I think these should work to get your more followers and more engagement on Twitter.

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