An Insurance Company Blog That Rocks

There is an interesting list of results when you search for insurance company blog.

Google includes results for the word “coverage” instead of company, but there are a few blogs that list “insurance company blog” in the title tag. It seems it would be easy for any insurance company to rank for this term simply by including that in the title tag. So there’s your easy SEO tip for the day.

A Successful Insurance Company Blog

Texas Mutual Insurance Company Blog
A simple design is best with any company blog.

One of the first results is the Texas Mutual Insurance Company Blog.

The blog is hosted on WordPress. It’s interesting their chose to have it hosted on the WordPress URL. That likely means they set it up for free on instead of using and using their own URL. It’s an easy switchover if they ever want to make the change.

I like this company blog.

The company is focused on workers compensation insurance. This area seems – at least from the outside – to be getting more important. The freelance economy is growing and things get grey with this area of insurance.

Great Categories

First, this blog is well-focused. The topics discuss the exact issues anyone would have about insurance and related issues. The categories are great. The first is about safety tips. That’s a great category.

You would imagine that business owners are reading this blog. It’s in the best interest of the business owner to keep the workplace safe. There are specific posts like¬†6 Tips for Keeping Older Workers Injury-Free.

It’s in the best interest of all three parties to follow the tips: business owner, insurance company and of course the employees.

This is information the insurance company probably knows better than anyone else. They see injuries all the time. It’s in their best interest to understand how things like this happen and then help clients learn how to prevent those injuries.

Additionally there is company news, fraud, videos, claims, industry news and a couple more.

These are all great categories. I can see why this blog is ranked well in the search engines. It seems to have great information and I can see why a business owner would seek out this information and share it with colleagues.

Simple Design

The blog has a simple template. You don’t have to go crazy with design. A basic template with great information does well. It allows the content to stand out. The design certainly doesn’t turn anyone off when they first see it. That’s often the biggest challenge with design. Don’t do anything that offends people and usually to follow that rule you do a simple design.

Email Signup

Notice in the right sidebar the email signup. Here is where people can get blog updates. Not only will those new subscribers get blog updates, but they’ll likely get the occasional notice about coverage options from Texas Mutual. It’s a great way to slowly move readers through the sales cycle.

Final Thoughts

This blog is a great overall company blog. It’s certainly a great example of an insurance company blog. All posts are written for an ideal reader (business owner or manager).

This blog is about building trust. When a business owner is searching for information about insurance and workplace safety they will find these posts. They’ll read them and appreciate the information. It helps them.

The reader acquires a trust for the blog and the company.

This trust (and proven competence) bridges the gap for a purchase decision.

That’s how business blogging works.

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