How To Write Review Blog Posts For Your Own Products

Hands Folded at ComputerReview blog posts have been around for a long time. A blog can be a great way to review products that are not your own. Sometimes bloggers do this for money. Other times they do it just because they like or dislike certain products.

As a business owner or operator, it can be difficult to review your own products. You want to be excited about what you’re releasing, but you don’t want to seem over-the-top about it. You don’t want to seem too salesy or anything like that.

But it’s really not possible to be objective either. And readers know that.

Here are a few tips to help you the next time you do a review post for your business blog…

1. Embrace The Excitement

You know that it’s impossible to be objective about your own products. Your readers know the same thing.

So I feel like it’s best to embrace that fact and just be honest about what you’re introducing. It’s okay to be excited about your products. It would be strange if you weren’t excited.

So just be yourself. Think about how you talk about your products when someone asks you in person. You’re probably honest with them. You tell them the good things. If you’re working on a weaker aspect, you probably tell them the truth about it.

2. Q&A

I like to focus on the questions people ask most often. You can bet that if one person is asking a question that many more are likely thinking the same thing or even searching for it online.

So when you’re writing about a new product, focus on gathering as many questions as you can that you’ve received about this product and about the products that came before it. Each new product is probably an updated version of something new. You’ve probably been getting the same questions for years.

That’s where you want to focus with these types of blog posts. That’s the information readers are looking for. So just give them what they want. Don’t make it too simple.

Maybe your customers tend to ask technical questions. In that case, make the post more technical. Maybe your customers don’t care about the specs of a product, but instead care about the most common ways to use the product. If that’s the case then take the post in that direction.

3. Customer Stories

Another good way to write a review of your own product is to focus on customer stories. You’ve probably had the product tested out with a few folks in the early stages. Talk to them. Learn how they’ve used the product. Listen to their feedback on challenges and triumphs. Listen carefully to the language they use.

Then tell those stories in the review post. Talk about how people are using the product and what they are experiencing while doing it.

This can help make the review a little more objective, but it will also allow readers to put themselves in the place of the other customer and really visualize how they can use the product in the future.


It’s okay to review your own products. If others are doing it there is no reason for you to avoid it. There are a good number of readers probably looking for this type of content. They know that it won’t be 100% objective. But they can still get lots of value from the posts.

So embrace your own excitement and answer the common questions and tell the common stories. Don’t overthink or overcomplicate the posts. Make them a regular part of your business blogging effort.

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