How To Organize A Blog With Multiple Authors

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Many businesses have a blog. Many of those have one person that is the author of the posts on the blog. But even at one post a week or whatever it can take a toll and take a lot of time and effort. Many of the bloggers for businesses don’t do it as a full time job. It’s kind of like a one hour a week at most type of thing.

What other businesses will do is assign the blogging to multiple authors. Maybe it’s to get more posts. Maybe it’s to get different perspectives.

Whatever the case, multiple authors can be a good thing. But the organization on the blog can get a little tricky. So here are just a couple of considerations.

1. Author Profiles

For each author create a profile. Most blogging software, including WordPress, allows you to create profiles for each user. Those that will just access the blog for things like design, editing, etc. But also for authors.

Create a profile for each author. Include their names, photos, etc. You can include a little bio.

The main thing is you want each author to be distinct and this begins with their own profiles. You don’t necessarily want every author logging in with the same profile and publishing under the same name.

2. Bylines

A byline is where the author’s name appears on a post. So when someone reads a post they can see who wrote it. It could just be the author’s name. But sometimes it will include a little more information from the profile of the person. A little bio. Maybe their location. Things like that. Many times on a blog you’ll see the author listed multiple times. Once at the top by the title and then after the article in more of an expanded byline.

3. Link To Feeds (posts + main blog page)

The byline is often a link in a blog. And it can be good to include author bylines and links in the sidebar of your blog. The link will be to all of the author’s posts. This way if a reader wants to read articles from a particular author they can quickly access that information.


The point of all this is to make it easy for readers to find content from specific authors. They often look for this in bylines on individual posts, but they often look at blog sidebars as well. It’s not really an SEO thing or anything like that. It’s more about organizing your site so that readers can find more of the information they want. And many times they like to sort or categorize by writer.

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