How To Market A Music Business In The 2020s

Trumpet Player OutdoorsInterest in personal hobbies is on the rise.

One such hobby is the boom in the music business. More people are interested in learning how to make music. Both in traditional ways with traditional instruments, but also with newer technology.

There are many that are perhaps looking at their dreams of music stardom. But many are also looking at it as a way to enjoy life and build their own fulfillment. Learning a skill, such as playing an instrument, is a great way to build that kind of fulfillment.

Do you sell instruments and other music making items? Are you in the business of helping people learn how to use those instruments?

If so, you’re in for a great ride in the coming decade. Here are a few things you can do to market your company in the coming decade and beyond…

Content Marketing

There has never been a better time to use content marketing. Technology has reached a point where it’s nearly frictionless to start creating content and distribute it to nearly anybody in the world.

In your pocket right now is a device that allows you to write and publish anything you want. You can also record audio or video as well as edit those and publish.

I remember hearing ESPN broadcaster Linda Cohn in an interview discuss her early days of breaking into the business. Having to borrow bulky, difficult to use video recording equipment. She would work hours to create her own reels, edit them, copy them and then take them in person to television stations.

Technology today doesn’t guarantee success. But the barriers are way down. You still need the same drive that Linda had in her early days. But the opportunity is incredible because people are consuming an incredible amount of content and when they find something they like they want as much of it as possible.

1. Choose Your Medium

Over the last two decades or so of heavy Internet use, it’s been relatively common for content creators to have a preferred medium.

Either audio, video or text.

I’m a believer that the first step to success in content marketing is understanding which is your preferred medium. If you’re able to identify the one that you will do the most then you’re setting yourself up for success from the start.

If you hate writing, don’t start a blog.

If you can’t stand seeing yourself on video, don’t start posting to YouTube.

If you don’t like the sound of your voice, don’t look at recording a regular podcast.

Choose your medium and go all in on it. There is opportunity with each. But you have to find the one that you’re most likely to stick with for the long-term.

2. Product Reviews

As a music business owner, you have expert knowledge in the products that are available. Maybe you feel a bit inadequate sometimes to your peers. But to your customers, the ones that matter most and the ones that pay you, you are an expert.

So start sharing that expertise.

Thousands of people right now are wondering what guitar they should buy. Create a piece for beginners. Make the decision for them and then provide some reasoning behind it. Give different price points. Do the same for those that are looking for a second guitar. Then provide more advice for those that are looking for their tenth guitar.

If there are nuances to an instrument, explain them. Give reasons why someone should buy each instrument that you have experience with.

3. Personal Stories & Case Studies

If you’re struggling to find ideas to cover start with your own stories and case studies. Talk about the person that came in last week to buy their first guitar. Just document what it was like, what questions they asked and how you worked to a solution. Then talk to them a week, a month and a few months later. Go back and include what has happened since in your content.

Stories are one of the oldest forms of human communication and learning. Each person that consumes your content can take lessons from a story that you may not have even thought about. But that’s the beauty. Your content can be helpful in infinite ways.

4. Question & Answer

Another great way to get ideas for content is to look for and ask for audience questions. Go to other blogs, video channels and podcasts. Many have comment sections where people are asking questions that are going unanswered. You can find the same in online forums. You can also talk to the people you interact with for your business.

No question is too simple or too complex to answer. Create a procedure for documenting every question you get. It can create a regular stream of ideas to build your content platform around.

Some answers will be short. Others will be long. Just put the ones you’re most excited about on a schedule and use that to create regular content.

A good rule of thumb is that if one person has a question and is willing to ask, many many more have the same question and they’re searching online for it.

5. Guesting

Finally, my favorite way to gain more expose today is to guest. When you’re starting out with content you’re not going to have a large audience. It’s still important to begin creating your own content. But in the meantime you can reach existing audiences by offering your stories and expertise and entertainment on other channels.

Let’s say you’ve been selling guitars for 20 years. Look for 20 guitar or music podcasts. Reach out and tell them your story and that you’re looking to a be a guest. You’ll probably hear back from 5 and get an opportunity to be interviewed.


The music industry is booming. That’s a good thing. I can’t wait for all the great music to come out in the coming decades. If you’re in the industry, I would be excited. And if you’re really looking to boost your marketing efforts, look to content marketing. It’s one of the best opportunities available because people are looking for all kinds of content. And hopefully these tips will help you begin.

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