How To End Your Blogging Disorganization Right Away

Organized Blogging
An organized blogging schedule will keep your strategy on task.

The business owners I talk to struggle with maintaining a blogging schedule.

Blogging almost always takes more time than you would anticipate.

The first task is coming up with a unique idea for a post. Then you have to create a title, do research and finally write your first draft.

Even at that point you’re not finished. From here you need to cut back some content from the post and do some quick editing. Then you have to format the post for publishing on your blog, add a photo or two and finally schedule it for publishing.

You can see why the process is often longer than people think and it’s a reason why so many blogs out there have a handful of posts right away, but are then left for dead because the work was just too much.

With this post I’m going to share some of the secrets we’ve used at Ghost Blog Writers to stay organized with our process. This allows us to keep things in motion all the time so we’re efficient with our blogging process.

Hopefully these tips will help keep you organized so you can keep up with your business blog.

How To Organize Your Blogging Strategy

Here is our post on creating a blogging editorial calendar.

The moment we get an inquiry at GBW I shoot out a response email. After a discussion we get started working on the first post. What I do at this point is create a schedule so the entire process is organized.

We create our schedules or calendars in Google Drive with the GBW business account. The schedule is done in a simple spreadsheet. There are two tabs or sheets.

The first is the schedule. This has a list of approved titles, notes and three dates. The first is the date the post is due to GBW (from the writer). The second is the date it’s due to the client. The third is the publish date (about a week after the client due date).

This is where the writer can login to get the information they need to research and write the post.

The other sheet is the list of requirements for each post. It’s a checklist for the writers so they can make sure they’ve met all client requirements with each post they deliver.

This schedule helps us separate a few of the main tasks that take place in blogging.

Lots of people start the process with the intent on doing everything at once. This is crazy. It’s incredibly difficult to come up with an idea for a post, do the research, write it and publish it.

The biggest tip I can give you about blogging is to separate those tasks.

We come up with titles about 1-2 months ahead of when they will be published. This saves the writers time because they’ve already done the ideation for the title. Now they just have to write.

That’s how we roll at Ghost Blog Writers. It’s been working pretty well.

Separate the tasks involved in blogging and you’ll find it much easier to maintain a schedule, which is key to having lasting blogging success.

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