How To Cheer Yourself Up At Work

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It seems that around half of workers are unhappy with their job situation. And about two-thirds of workers are bored with their work. This isn’t a good recipe for anyone involved in the work being done (or not being done). It’s not good for you as the worker and it’s not good for coworkers, the business owners nor the customers.

Finding a new job could be a key to finding happiness at work. Something that’s more fulfilling and uplifting. But that could also lead to job hopping, which can be fine, but that could also lead to downfalls such as inconsistent scheduling, an inability to to build seniority and who is to say that a new job won’t be worse than what you have now.

But what about finding little ways to cheer yourself up while at work?

Here are a few things that might help.

1. Do Something You’re Good At

There is something to be said for trying new things. We want to push ourselves to improve. It can be easy to do the things you’re good at over and over. But that can lead to unfulfilling work. You have to push yourself at what you’re good at and in areas where you need to improve the most.

But sometimes you can get into a rut of feeling that you’re not great at your job. This can get you down. So take some time to do a task that you’re really good at. Maybe offer to help a coworker that is struggling with a task that you’re really good at.

It can make you feel good to do something well and to help someone else.

2. Try A New Project With A New Coworker

New adventures can bring a new outlook and focus to your mind. You obviously don’t want to go against what your required tasks are. But usually there are projects, big and small, that come up as opportunities at work. Raise your hand for one. Even better if you can take it on with a new coworker.

Trying something new can allow you to get out of a rut. And working with someone new could lead to all kinds of new senses required. It will be like having a new job while still having most of the familiarity of your current job.

3. Take A Lunch Walk In A New Location

New environments and physical activity help our brains. Most people get some time for a lunch break during the workday. Even if you’re working at home it can be good to get out and do something physical. But let’s say you do that already on a regular basis. Try taking a different route this time. If you’ve been walking on a regular route you’re probably pretty much on cruise control while doing it. That can be great. But if you’re feeling a bit out of sorts, try taking a different route. It can help to bring some different perspective to the day.

4. Borrow A New Biography

I love reading biographies. All kinds of different people. Most follow the same formula and that formula includes focusing on the struggles people go through at various times in their lives. It’s definitely not all roses for successful people. Even those that accomplish great things often go through struggles with their careers.

Heck, Steve Jobs was fired from Apple. And most people still don’t know the company he started after he was fired.

It’s good to learn the real perspectives on other people and their work. It can help make us put our own situations into a more proper context.

5. Send A Message To An Old Friend

Sometimes it can be uplifting to get a little nostalgic. It’s not always helpful, but it’s worth trying if you’re feeling in a rut at work. Think about a friend from the past. We all go through periods where we don’t stay in touch with old friends. Life moves on.

But it can be fun to think about a good time with an old friend. Send them a message saying that you were just thinking about something fun and wanted to reach out to say hello.


We all need a little cheering up from time to time. Others may see it and try to make us laugh. Maybe that works. Maybe it doesn’t. But the things here seem to help at least a little bit. They’re things I’ve tried over the years. And if you don’t like what you see here hopefully it can spark some similar ideas of your own.

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