It’s Okay If You Don’t Like To Write

The very accurate calculation (estimate) figures that 85% of the GBW clients give “no time” as their number one reason for hiring a blog writer for their company. These business owners and managers want to have blogs on their company website, but they say they don’t have the time to blog themselves.

Another reason is because they don’t have time or they don’t have the people on hand to handle the writing.

I have a hunch, though, that the real reason business owners look outside their firms for assistance is because they don’t like writing.

If you don’t like writing it’s okay. I’m not sure that many people actually enjoy writing. It’s hard work. It’s not working in the coal mines hard, but it’s hard work on your brain to put words on paper or on the screen.

Everybody loves the idea of having written, but very few have the drive to write.

That’s why Ghost Blog Writers exists. We enjoy writing. Well, even if we don’t always enjoy it we do feel we have the ability to write on just about any topic and do a great job no matter how we’re feeling.

If you’re struggling with writing you’re not alone. I’ve mentioned before that the most common situation for a blog is to have a couple posts published in the first week or the first month. Then every blogger or company reaches a tipping point. The team person or team can either chose to continue blogging or they can put off a post until they realize they haven’t published anything for a year.

You’ve probably seen many blogs out there with zero updates in the last few months to a year or even more than a year. It’s really common.

There is always excitement for a new blog. Business owners are excited to publish content and get that traffic coming in with potential new customers. But after writing a post or two the realization comes that blogging is tough and that as the writer you really don’t enjoy blogging that much. Finding new ideas is tough. Actually putting your thoughts into a post is tougher than you thought.

It starts with the first missed post. You say you’ll just get back on track next week. That happens again the next week and the cycle continues until you have a dead blog with no posts for the last year.

It’s okay.

Blogging can help you get more traffic, leads and sales. That’s why so many businesses are blogging.

But if you don’t like writing then look to have someone handle the writing. You can still be as involved as you would like in the blog. You can discuss topics and direction and strategy. You just won’t have to write.

And since most people don’t like writing it will work out well for everybody.

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