Fundbox Helps Customers Get Paid & Attracts New Customers With A Blog

Fundbox Blog Analysis
Fundbox is really committed to blogging and it’s great to see.

Fundbox offers a solution that many business owners and managers struggle with: getting paid.

I’ve written before about my feelings on paying invoices and the Golden Rule of Business Payments.

But I’m sure that as long as there have been businesses working with each other that there have been issues with slowness and getting paid. And for the business that’s waiting to get paid it can lead to cashflow issues.

So that’s where Fundbox comes in to provide some help. They offer what I think are a few different ways to get money early instead of waiting on clients to pay on time.

You can check out more on their website, but we’ll switch gears and look at what they’re doing to attract their own customers with a blog.

1. Frequency

The first thing that jumps out at me when I look at the Fundbox blog is that they’re blogging everyday of the week. And that’s really cool. If you’ve looked at any of the other posts in the Blog Analysis series you know that one of the common things with business blogs is low frequency.

It’s common for a business or even an individual to start a blog. They’re excited about it. They have a handful of ideas. They get the blog going and after a few weeks things start to bog down. They struggle to get ideas. They struggle with the writing. Eventually the blog just kind of sits there with a post now and then and it really doesn’t provide value to the business.

So it’s cool to see what Fundbox is doing with their blog. They’re committed to it. They seem to believe in it. I think it’ll work out well for them in the long run if it isn’t already.

2. Niche Focus

There are some posts on Fundbox’s blog that focus on niche businesses. Here is one that focuses on some tips for starting a house painting business. They could have done a post about starting a small business and they do have posts that take the more general route like that, but they mix in some niche posts like this one. And I like that focus.

Fundbox seems to target small and maybe medium sized businesses. So that’s their target, but they see benefit in niching down on a few posts. There’s obviously a ton of different small businesses. I would guess that Fundbox noticed that there were a few types of businesses that were using their app so they started writing posts for businesses like that to attract more.

It’s a good strategy.

3. Answering Questions

Fundbox helps businesses with cashflow. They have some posts about cashflow, getting paid and all that. It makes sense for them to have posts like that. But the majority of their posts are more general. They focus on all or just about all the questions their target customers, small businesses, have about running successful companies.

Here is one post with some tips for small businesses to grow. Lots of businesses wonder about how they can grow or grow faster so people are searching for information like this. Fundbox knows that if they answer questions that their target customers are asking in relation to their jobs that they’ll earn trust and build authority.

The more you help people the more people you’ll attract through all channels including search.

4. Series of Posts

I noticed a few recent posts on the Fundbox blog about Millennials. Here is one of those posts. There are a few ways to tackle series of posts. For this one it seems that Fundbox had a few ideas relating to Millennials and how businesses can work with them, sell to them and so on and they decided to turn it into a series. That’s a great idea and it gets people coming back to the site to finish out the series.

You can also do things that are more ongoing with a new tag or category depending on what you’re doing. However you do it a series of posts is something that helps to increase repeat visitors so you can earn their trust and their business.

5. Location & Trends

Here’s the final post we’ll look at and there are two things going on. The first is that it’s about a location, San Francisco. This is another way to kind of niche the way you post. If your business is location-based where your customers are in a location then writing about your city can be a good strategy especially if you’re a B2C. If you’re an app or software or something like that and you notice that a lot of your customers are coming from a certain location then you can write some posts about that area to bring in more people that live there.

The second thing is this is about a trend or a news item. It’s good to work in a few posts about recent news items that concern your target audience. They can find the news, but they will also often look for insight into what that news means for them. Provide that, like Fundbox did here, and you’ll be providing value.


Fundbox looks like they have a cool service that is something many small businesses need. If you’re in business you know that it’s challenge to get clients to pay sometimes. So Fundbox offers a solution. And I like what they’re doing with their business blog. They’re committed to it. They’ve been doing it awhile and they are blogging everyday. It’s a great example of how to do business blogging the right way.

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