Why You Should Consider Updating Your Website with Blog Content

Fresh Blog ContentYou’ve probably seen it before.

You visit a business website looking for information. At the bottom of the website is a copyright notice that is three years old. You check the About page and it says the business has been in business for XX years and that it was established this year. The math doesn’t add up. You look on the Services page and you see information that is out-of-date. Maybe a salesperson told you about certain services in-person or on the phone and now there is different information on the website.

Basically, the website content hasn’t been updated in awhile and we’re not talking about months. We’re talking about years and if that’s the case with your website it can be embarrassing for you when potential clients see it.

My girlfriend owns a website design company (Sarah Lynn Design) and a question she’s asked often by the CEOs is how they can keep their websites updated. CEOs are smart. They worked hard to get to their positions and they understand that having a website with old content can be detrimental to the perception of the business.

So how do you keep your website updated?

Fresh Blog Content Keeps Business Websites Updated

Business blogging provides businesses with a way to create fresh content on a consistent basis.

Businesses today are adding blogs to their sites so they can provide updates and insight to site visitors. A blog is a natural way to keep the site fresh so that when visitors come to the site they see that the business is operational.

Obviously fresh content on a website is not the only indicator that the business is up-to-date, but first impressions can mean a lot and for the new visitors they’re looking for any indication that the business they might work with is keeping things updated.

How Often Should A Blog Be Updated?

Depending on your capacity to write the answer can vary. At the very least it would be good to provide a single update each month. Give some company information about what’s happened in the last month. Address news items and how your company is interpreting things that are happening in your industry.

The more you can update the better. You’re trying to show that you can maintain your own site because it shows your potential customers that you can keep the product updated as well, which is beneficial to them.


Fresh blog content is something that can make your business seem updated. It’s a simple thing, but it’s frequent for businesses to have stagnant websites.

You can run into the same issue even if you start a business blog. There are tons of blogs around that haven’t been updated in months or even years. Make sure you realize that blogging is hard work. Keeping your website updated is hard work. That’s why some people avoid it.

A blog is a great way to update your website, but make sure you have the capacity to maintain regular updates.

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