Is Your Food Company Blogging?

Are you in the food industry?

If you are and you aren’t blogging you may be missing out on incremental revenue.

Don’t believe me?

Here is the research shared on eMarketer just the other day.

From Consumers Seek Food Inspiration, Sharing Online:


When it comes to food, user-generated content creators are primarily sharing two things, each with a different purpose: photos, which provide inspiration, and recipes, which provide utility.


Whether it’s giving kudos to user recipes and photos online, working with bloggers to promote and develop content, or encouraging sharing through contests, brands can engage consumers by connecting with their passions.

It was surprising to me to see just how many people are looking for recipes online. I know that I have used various websites for recipes. If you click through the link above you’ll also see that sharing food related content was huge for people that try new food brands. This is a big realization because new customers are always the key to a growing business. New customers bring in new sales. You can only get so much out of each customer. Getting those new customers is necessary.

Food Blogging for New Customers

If you’re now thinking about starting a blog for your food company then here are a few strategy suggestion.

First, focus on recipes. People love recipes. They want to try new things. They want to discover recipes that taste good. People also like being recognized for discovering new things such as recipes. If you can create blog content that provides weekly recipes you’ll have people hooked on your blog, your website and your brand.

Second, include photos on your blog. People love photos of the food. It’s worth it to have a professional photography shoot your food items. People are crazy about sharing pictures of food. It’s nuts, but it’s what they’re passionate about.

Third, use personal stories. People connect with people and you can take recipes beyond the simple step-by-step instructional format to something that’s more of a story. Tell the story of how you made a certain recipe for your family one night. Go into detail and really paint the picture of how the process worked in your house. People really connect with stories. Blogs earn attention first. Second a blog will earn trust and third your brand will earn a new customer.

Fourth, go beyond recipes again by providing content on how people can consume certain foods. You can blog about how to have a Super Bowl party. You can include the recipes but also include ways to make the party better and enjoyable for everyone. You can research how to rent a bigger television set and share those findings of you can figure out how to arrange the seats in the viewing room so everyone can see the game. There are lots of ways to go beyond the simple recipe format.

Food blogging has been big for more than a decade. Brands are missing out if they aren’t taking part. People are already talking about food online. Why not have them talk about your food brand?

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