How to Target the Drama Queens

Drama Queen
Are you a drama queen?

Do you know any drama queens?

If you’re smiling and nodding your head in agreement then join the club.

We all have drama queens in our life. Heck, maybe we are the drama queen in our group of friends. I’ll admit that I overreact on occasion when the Green Bay Packers lose a game (things were pretty quiet after the playoffs last year).

Why are we so dramatic?

For the most part our lives are pretty drama-free. Even when something bad happens it’s usually not the end of the world. There is usually a reasonable reaction and way to handle the situation, but for some reason we blow it out of proportion and get ourselves all worked up.

It happens all the time and always will.


Here is a great blog post that explains one theory.

From Kurt Vonnegut explains drama:

People have been hearing fantastic stories since time began. The problem is, they think life is supposed to be like the stories.


But because we grew up surrounded by big dramatic story arcs in books and movies, we think our lives are supposed to be filled with huge ups and downs! So people pretend there is drama where there is none.

Do you agree?

People love to make their lives feel like a movie. We want to feel emotion and feel like there is purpose to our lives. I’m not sure if we’d all be better off if we just live and let live. I’m not an expert.

But as long as people are overreacting we might as well take advantage.

Let’s get to the blogging tip.

Write for the Drama Queens

Here’s how you write for the drama queens out there:

Step 1: Find a topic that people care about. Don’t worry if you think your industry is boring. Every industry has drama. There are emotional people in all areas of life and there are people that are over the top in love with your industry. You’re a plumber? Trust me. People will freak out over the color of their sink or the way their faucet leaks. Write about it and touch on the “hot button” issues and people will respond.

Step 2: Push buttons. You’re going to have to poke the bear. People won’t react unless you start poking around. You need to get them agitated so their emotions swing into high gear. If you’re a plumber then make a list of all the bathroom choices that suck. For those that obsess over how their house looks you’ll hit on their buttons. People that care what other people think about their bathroom faucet color will freak out if they’re on your list of horrible faucets. They’ll respond and you’ll get attention (traffic, leads and sales).

Step 3: Provide solutions. Drama queens usually aren’t looking for solutions. They just want attention. They want people to listen to them and feel sorry for their incredibly horrible life situation. But you aren’t looking for those kind of drama queens. If there is such a thing you’re looking for the drama queens that are at least a little reasonable. You want the people that want solutions. provide those solutions and you’ll be a savior. You’ll be the knight in shining armor from the fairytale. For the plumber, provide the best faucet list and you’ll save the damsel in distress that hates her faucet.

Will some people find this post offensive?

Probably. But only if they’re drama queens.

As a blogger is good to take advantage of people’s emotions. People live on emotions. We love to have our emotions played with to a point. The only risk is that you’ll have a client list full of drama queens.

But if it pays maybe it’s worth it.

Image Credit: valentinapowers

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