Does Every Business Need A Blog?

Does Every Business Need A Blog
Two things determine the answer: 1) Customer Questions and 2) Customers Reading Online Content


Every business doesn’t need a blog to succeed.

There are lots of ways to earn new customers. Blogging is one of them.

In recent years, blogging is proving to be a great way for a variety of businesses to earn new business. That includes Ghost Blog Writers and many of our clients.

You don’t need to have a business blog if you’re doing well.

But if you’ve been losing traffic and sales the last few years then blogging is something to look at as an option.

The Purpose Of Blogging: New Customer Acquisition

Every marketing strategy is built around new customer acquisition. If someone is not focusing on that then they’re missing the big picture. Everything from design to blogging falls under new customer acquisition.

Blogging is about getting target readers to discover your business. To do that you provide answers to their common questions that relate to your business and your industry.

People discover blog content through a few different channels including search, social media and direct referral. Many blog posts are discovered by a person that goes to a search engine like Google and searches for content.

People also share useful content on social media. This is another way for people to discover brands. Like social media, people also recommend content to others via email and even in person.

Blogging works for businesses because it attracts people that might not have otherwise heard of the brand. Those people get something without having to make a purchase. They get assistance with a question they have and in return they often feel a trusting relationship with the person or brand behind the content.

This is the beginning of a potential business relationship.

A General Blogging Strategy

Every blogging strategy will be different, but there are a few general guidelines that apply in most cases.

At Ghost Blog Writers, we find that the best strategy comes from answering the common questions your readers have. Answer these questions with blog posts and you’ll take care of a few things naturally.

For one, you’re giving your users content they will find valuable. That’s the most important thing with blogging. If you provide something valuable to your target reader you’re going to earn their attention and their trust and they’re probably going to tell others.

Second, you’re going to naturally use keywords in the post that will attract people that are using search engines. You can do some keyword research to figure out the specific language your target readers are using and make some adjustments in your writing, but if you focus on the customer questions you’ll naturally build some solid long tail search traffic.

Key Question: Do You Answer Customer Questions?

The first answer to the question of whether or not every business needs a blog is to focus on if your target customers are asking questions. If the answer is yes then the answer to the blog question is also yes.

If your customers are asking you questions in person, over the phone or any other place then you can be almost certain there are people just like them asking the same questions online.

That is where your opportunity is with blogging.

Key Question #2: Does Your Customer Read Online Content?

The second key question is to determine if your target customer is using the Internet and reading online content. If you think they are then the likelihood that you’ll succeed with a blog is even greater.

Ask your current customers if they read online content. You can ask them about blogs, but ask them if they’re reading any online content.

Blogs have become such a part of the online world that most people don’t even realize they’re reading blogs.

Final Thoughts

It seems there are new blogs and business blogs every day.

In the last few years the search engines have made changes. Social media use has risen.

Getting traffic to your website is more difficult than it’s been in the past.

If you’ve been losing website traffic there is a pretty good chance that one or more of your competitors have adjusted their online strategy. They’re probably creating content, such as a blog, and they’re taking over market share.

If you’re wondering how you can get some of that traffic back then contact Ghost Blog Writers today.

Does every business need a blog?

No. But if your customers ask questions and if they read online content then chances are you’ll find success with a blog.

By not having one you’re leaving opportunity on the table.

Image: Milos Milosevic

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