Content Marketing Critical in 2011

A recent article from eMarketer has proclaimed that content marketing will be critical in 2011.

Content Marketing 2011

Ticking TimeThe article focuses on the importance of switching from push style marketing and advertising to pull marketing – searching for solutions instead of pushing sales. The key to pull marketing is creating content – video, tweets, games, blog posts, etc. – that are interesting to your target customer.

I’m not sure this is going to be a dramatic shift next year. From what I’ve seen there has been a shift in advertising and marketing for a while already. I’ve seen companies working the pull marketing route with their ads. The ads on Country Music Life have been targeted strongly for the holidays of late. Lots of country artists release albums around this time of year. There have been interactive video ads for new music.

2011 Trends: Content Marketing Is Critical

Marketers should base their magnetic content ideas on well-researched customer behaviors, attitudes and lifestyles. This entails altering your emphasis in marketing from “selling product” to identifying and solving a consumer need or want that transcends or complements the physical product or service you are selling. Ask yourself this critical question: Besides your product, what can you do for the consumer?

All together I think the shift in marketing has been fueled by an increasing demand from the customer. They want more for their money. They want higher value.

Who will give it to them?

Blogging in 2011

How does blogging fit into the equation for 2011?

Blogging is becoming one way companies – including large retail companies (see: retail blogs) – are improving their customer experience.

In 2011 companies will continue adding blogs to their marketing mix. A blog that reaches out to the target customer can increase loyalty, improve branding, and ultimately increase sales leads and sales. As of now blogging has a much larger impact for B2B type business specializing in services – this is just my own observation.

I asked marketing consultant and measuring expert Kevin Hillstrom of Mine That Data (@minethatdata) for his input on blogging and its impact directly on revenue.

Blogging Revenue Consultant

Blogging directly impacts Kevin’s consulting revenue, but for his larger clients – likely retailers – blogging still isn’t impacting revenue on a large scale.

I like Kevin’s no nonsense attitude toward business. He’d probably argue that blogging just isn’t a viable form of revenue for large businesses…right now. From reading his blog I can tell that he’s always in favor of experimentation for expansion though.

So in what areas can blogging help retailers?

I asked SEO Expert Jeremy Dearringer of Slingshot SEO (@Slingshot_SEO) for his insight.

SEO Expert Blogging

Blogging is good for all businesses.

SEO Expert Guest Posting

Guest posting on relevant blogs also good for companies.

In the second tweet Jeremy hits home on the big winning point for large companies like Kevin’s clients – blogging builds reputation as well as links, which impact SEO. Both of these will lead to sales.

The experts and chiming in on the impact blogging can have for companies of all sizes.

What is your company’s content marketing strategy for 2011?

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