How To Turn Conference Quotes Into One Amazing Blog Post

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Get 25+ social shares with this one post idea.

Are you attending any conferences this year?

There are industry conferences for just about everything.

If you’re a plumber, there are conferences that feature all the latest in fixtures, tubs and other trends. If you’re a marketing agency there are about a million different conferences on things like general business management to social media and SEO.

Many people attend conferences because they get a chance to catch up on all the new things happening in the industry. It’s a chance to network too. There are all kinds of people that could be perfect for partnerships.

If you’re attending a conference this year one of the things I’d recommend doing is a blog post recap of the conference. But instead of doing just a basic recap post I’d like to share a secret for supercharging your blog post so that it gets all kinds of traffic from social media.

Here it is…

How To Create A Conference Recap Post

Step 1 – Take Down The 25 Best Quotes From Industry Experts

When you attend conferences you’ll often sit in at presentations. These presentations are perfect for getting quotes. Take down the best quotes and stash them away in your notes.

In addition, go around the vendor floor and ask each of the vendors about their product and service, but also ask them for their thoughts on the industry. See what they think is changing or what is important in the coming year.

Step 2 – Put The Quotes In Your Post With Social Media Handles

I’ve been doing this with all kinds of posts and it will work for your conference recap post too.

You’re going to include the topic of the quote, the quote, the person’s name and links to their website and social media handles.

Here is an example of how you would format two of your quotes from the conference in your post.

1. Blogging As A Social Media Strategy

“Your blog can serve as the content engine for your social media campaign.” Dayne Shuda, Ghost Blog Writers

Visit: Ghost Blog Writers | @DayneShuda

2. Responsive Design

“The biggest need for businesses today is a responsive website.” Sarah Lynn, Sarah Lynn Design

Visit: Sarah Lynn Design | @SarahLynnDesign

And continue on until you have all 25 quotes included in the post. (You don’t have to put them in italics).

Step 3 – Use Each Quote As One Unique Share On Twitter, Google+, etc.

Publish the post and share it as you normally would on your social channels with the title, but then share it 25 more times.

Use each of the quotes as your message and make sure to mention the source of the quote.

Use this formula:

[quote] [handle] [link]

It will look like this:

“Your blog should be the center of your social media strategy.” @DayneShuda http://ghostblog…

You might have to adjust the quote a bit to fit especially if you’re using Twitter and only have 140 characters, but you can usually make it work.

They key is the mention. By mentioning the person that said the quote they’re going to see it when they login on to their social profile. They’ll appreciate that you’re featuring them and they’ll often retweet or re-share the update and send traffic to your post.

Bonus Conference Recap Post

Here is where you can really supercharge your conference content. It’s the same concept, but this time write about all the new trends, products and exciting news.

Follow the same steps to gather your content and set it up the same way. Use the social media handles of the experts sharing trends. Use the handles of the brand with new products.


The reason this works is two-fold.

First, you’re creating content that will be interesting to your target audience. They want to know about your industry and you’re getting multiple views and putting them in one nice spot on the web.

Second, you’re expanding your potential audience by including other people and brands in your post. This allows you to share the post on social media, mention those people and brands and get them to retweet and re-share your post, which will send your post all kinds of traffic.

Try it out this year when you attend that industry conference.

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