Collaboration Can Lead to Great Blog Posts

Have you seen The Avengers?

The Marvel comic movie features a cast of characters that makes for one of the most epic movies of all time. All the favorite super heroes are in one place and people are loving every second. The movie is set to break records all across the globe.

It’s easy to say that the actors, producers, and companies involved really succeeded from collaboration.

If you’re looking for blogging inspiration, The Avengers can provide a good lesson.

Blogging Collaboration Strategy

Collaboration is something any blogger can do. When working on your blog post strategy, consider asking your friends, co-workers and even colleagues for assistance.

Collaborating on a big blockbuster involves cooperation from all parties. Everyone involved is looking to give up some of the limelight if the movie brings the stature of everyone involved to a new level. That’s what the stars of The Avengers were signing up for and it worked out wonderful. Now each of the stars can go on to star in movies for each of their characters (and cash in with more big paychecks, which is always good).

For blogging, collaboration could mean offering the insights of a handful of experts in an industry. If there is a big news story in your industry, you could gather the thoughts and comments of five of your colleagues and create a post. This would be great value for your customers and they would appreciate the effort you put in to get more than just one opinion on the topic.

You win because you get a great post. Your colleagues can win as well because they are exposed to a new audience. It’s a good situation for each person involved and that makes for a great post.

You can also use collaboration with others. You could do interviews with your employees or even your customers. I have seen great posts were employees have provided their opinions on a certain topic. It provides the reader with different perspective beyond that of the regular writers.

Even interviews are examples of collaborations. You could interview someone important in your industry. It’s a great way to get at the interesting details of what happens in your industry. Make it interesting for your customers and make it worthwhile for your interviewee.

When you’re trying to get the best of the best it can be difficult. It reminds me of another movie – Ocean’s Eleven. It was a huge collaborative movie with the biggest stars in Hollywood. Each of the stars involved had to give up a little bit in favor of making the collaboration a winning success for everybody.

There is something about people coming together to brainstorm and mixing ideas. Sometimes it can be difficult to find that inspiration for the next post. Reach out to your buddies in the industry and see if you can come up with an idea for a collaborative post or even an entire collaborative series of posts. You could make it a weekly or monthly deal that’s fun for you and the readers.

Collaboration is something your blog can benefit from. Try it on your next post and see if your readers like the new format.

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