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CML is getting more comments these days.

Comments are a tricky thing in blogging.

You want comments as feedback on your posts. In general, when people are commenting it means they have a feeling about the topic of the post and it makes them have the urge to have their say.

Comments don’t necessarily correlate with more sales, but comments can be a good indication that your blog posts are getting exposure and making people remember you. That exposure does lead to more sales.

Country Music Life, one of my personal blogs, has been getting more comments the last couple weeks. The site has been live for over two years and right now there is a feeling that it’s gaining more traction and part of the reason is the slight increase in comments.

Now, we’re not talking tons of comments per post. We’re talking about going from 0-1 comments each week to 5-10 comments each week spread across all posts.

Still that’s a pretty good increase.

Here are a 3 reasons I think this is happening.

1. The Site Is Hitting A Good Age

I’ve been consistently publishing daily content on CML for over two years. One of the things people often overlook with blogging is that it can take time to build a blog to the point where it will start growing. Sometimes that can take a couple years. People aren’t always prepared to handle that.

With CML it’s been over two years of posts every day. There are over 1,000 posts on the site including some great ones from other authors. That all means something to new visitors. They trust the site more when they realize it’s been around a while. They feel more comfortable leaving a comment.

2. More Opinion and Controversy

Now, I’m not going crazy with the controversy on the posts, but I am trying to take a little more of an opinionated stance on some of the songs I write about and people respond to that. When you pick a side and make your feelings known people are going to respond one way or the other. They’ll either agree with you or disagree and they’ll let you know about it.

I think there is a little bit of that going on with CML right now. People are reading about their favorite artists and songs and they’re defending it or in some cases they’ll voice their distaste for a new artist.

Again, it’s not about bashing people. You can also claim your love for things. For example, if I were to say that I love the songs of Taylor Swift it would seem a little different. Some people would agree and some would disagree. It all leads to comments.

3. Being Different

That leads into the third item. If I were to say I like Taylor Swift it would seem different. I’m not her target core audience. Since what I would be saying would be very different and unusual it will get people to take notice. That notice makes people interested and they’re more likely to comment on something with wich they have an intrigue.

Those are three reasons I think CML has been getting more comments lately.

Have you been getting comments (or no comments) on your blog?

Why would that happen?

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