CITYTECH Looks To Earn Trust Of Enterprises With A Business Blog

CITYTECH Blog Analysis
A long-term commitment is required for success with a business blog.

If you search for the term “enterprise” on the CITYTECH Services page you’ll get seven results. That’s how many times they mention their target client on that page. And they do it in other places throughout their website.

It’s great when a company really knows who their target client is. CITYTECH isn’t looking to connect with all businesses of all shapes and sizes. They know that they work best with enterprises and that’s where their focus is.

CITYTECH, as the name implies, provides a few tech solutions for their enterprise clients. They seem to work on large enterprise content management systems or what they call experience systems. They offer cloud services and also build mobile applications and custom applications or software for large companies to use in various ways to do business.

You can learn more about what CITYTECH does for clients on their website, but we’re going to divert to what they’re doing with their blog and how they’re looking to earn trust from their potential clients.

1. 10+ Year Commitment To Blogging

The first item that stands out to me is their blog archive in the righthand sidebar. They have links to past posts for all the years that their blog has been around and you’ll see that they’ve been blogging since 2006.

And there are posts in every year during that span of ten years, which is really cool to see. It always makes me happy to see a company with a long-term outlook at blogging and CITYTECH must have really been in it early. Blogging was still pretty new in 2006, but companies have been creating content for much longer as a way to earn trust in their industry.

Anything in life usually requires consistent commitment. Doing something once in a while won’t likely lead to the results you’re looking for. Instead, consistent commitment with a long-term outlook usually leads to improvement and success.

CITYTECH seems to maybe be waning with their blogging at the moment. They haven’t had a post yet in 2016, but there’s still time.

2. Explanations With Screenshots, Internal Linking

Here’s a recent post with a few great things.

First, the post builds on something that was mentioned in a previous post. That’s a question we get sometimes regarding business blogging: Should we leave a topic alone after we’ve written on it?

You don’t want to write about one thing over and over. That can get old, but it’s good to revisit topics especially if that topic is important to your target readers. Plus over time you’re going to learn new things about a topic so it makes sense to revisit a topic after some time to provide new insight.

And a great thing right away in the post is the reference to the prior post and it links to that post. It’s great to link to previous posts. It’s good to link to outside posts too when it adds value to your post.

Finally, the overall nature of this post is that it’s explaining something. It’s over my head, but for the target reader I can see that this would be a great post with lots of good screenshots. Those screenshots are great for posts when you’re explaining how to do something.

3. List Posts & Industry Insight

Here’s an interesting post.

First, it’s a list post. It’s a short list, but that’s totally fine. The number in a list doesn’t matter as much as the answer you provide to the reader’s question. It can be 101 or it could be 3.

It does seem, however, that lists are great for blogs. They get a bad reputation sometimes because it seems every blog out there has a number of lists. But that’s just fine. People like the list format so using them on business blogs is totally okay.

Second, this post is good because CITYTECH provides some insight into a trend in their industry. Anytime there are changes in an industry people will be looking for instruction on how to respond. They want to know what the change means for them. So this is a great opportunity for businesses to provide that insight and it helps those business build a strong reputation as well as trust with potential clients.

4. How It’s Done

Here we have another list post, but another type of list post.

This post is a little different. It’s more about exactly what CITYTECH has done to make sure their clients experience as much uptime as possible. This type of post is good from time to time because potential clients would be interested in getting a little behind-the-scenes look at how it’s done.

A good prequel post to this one could be on the topic of uptime. Maybe a history of how it’s changed over time, why it’s so important as well as answering some general questions readers have about uptime. That would lead well into this type of post.

5. Other Possible Types Of Blog Posts

CITYTECH has been blogging for a long time and I’m sure they’ve done lots of different types of posts. It seems like late last year the blogging started to fall off just a bit, but things definitely get busy at a business from time to time and the blog can take a backseat.

But if they were looking for more things to blog about it’s always good to start with questions that the target audience is asking in relation to the industry. Start with a question and provide the answer with a post. Commit to doing this every week and in a year you’ll have about 50 great blog posts that are on your site to provide ongoing value to your audience.

You earn trust when you answer questions. Think of how appreciative you are when you are stumped on a question and someone provides a good answer.

It works the same in blogging and businesses have the opportunity to provide answers and earn trust.

And remember, the majority of your target audience doesn’t know your brand exists or they’re not thinking about your brand most of the time. So focus on the questions they’re asking about their job, their industry and not about your company and your service.

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