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Why Ghost Blog Writers

There’s a huge amount of work involved in running a startup and we found that sometimes the frequency of our blogging suffered when things were particularly busy.

The team at Ghost Blog Writers have always been very easy and professional to work with and they’ve ensured that our blog is always updated with fresh, relevant content that our current and future customers will find interesting and useful.

Will Jennings, Founder of Photoswarm

Blogging Strategy

Photoswarm is an online photo gallery software package for professional photographers.

The software allows pro photographers the ability to easily showcase and sell photos on their website. They can also easily share photos on social media and enable embedding features allowing others to put the galleries on other websites.

The photographer is in complete control. They can present their work in a way that attracts those interested in the photos including prospective customers.

For the blogging strategy, we focused on the type of content the ideal reader or target customer would be searching for online.Anything a pro photographer might need to know or be curious to find out was included in our research. We developed an initial list of topics and titles. We had a discussion on the ones that were the best and created a content schedule.

As we published posts we learned what the readers found most interesting and expanded on those topics and topics like them.This formed the ongoing content strategy with the focus being to provide interesting and useful content for pro photographers.


Year 1

  • 8.12% increase in Organic Search Traffic
  • 19.41% more New Visits from Organic Search


Knowing The Audience

A successful blog really begins with an understanding of the target reader. As a business owner or manager, it can be easy to blog about things that you’re interested in and curious about, but it’s not always the case that your target customers are interested in the same things.

Photoswarm came to us with a very clear description of their target customer. That allowed us to figure out what the customer was searching for online and from there the blogging strategy took shape.Anytime you start a business blog think to yourself:

Who do I want to attract to the site?

The rest can fall into place from there.

Learning From Successful Posts

Another great thing about Photoswarm is that after a few months we looked back to see what posts were doing well in various channels from organic search to social media and more. We could see trends in popular topics and expand on those topics with future posts.

Blogging is always an evolution. You’re always learning what your audience wants and the more you publish on the blog the more you learn and the better the blog becomes.

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